Is your Business Staying Ahead of the Curve?

You have an established business that has been consistently making a profit year after year, but the last couple of years haven’t been as profitable. You don’t understand, you haven’t changed anything… or is that the problem?

Are you staying current and ensuring visibility to your consumers, or are your competitors beating you to it? If you’re not in front of your consumers on a regular basis, they may be giving their business elsewhere, because you are not top of mind.  Today, people go to internet to do their own research on companies, if you’re not visible your company can easily be forgotten. To remain ahead, you need to invest in Social Media Marketing. If you are not sure where to begin here are 3 simple steps to get you started.


Take the time to research who your target audience is. Discover what platforms they are using, and how that fits into your industry. While researching, spend time looking into other brands and your competitors in your industry, what are they doing, what seems to be working? The more you know about your target audience and your competitors the more effective each message will be.

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Create a Schedule, and don’t Stray

If you are new to social media marketing, you will have to learn how to work this in to your daily schedule. By establishing a schedule, you are creating a habit for yourself and consistency for your consumers.

This schedule should not only include your time to push out messages to your clients, but also time to monitor your social media, research competitors and analyze previous weeks and months to find ways to improve.

Quality over Quantity

Take your time creating the message you want to push out to your clients and future clients. Just because you are on a schedule don’t rush pushing a message out. Use all the research you have collected and create a meaningful post, and ensure that you tailor each post to be relative to the platform you are using.

These 3 steps will help get you started, but there are still many other factors to consider. Stay tuned for more tips on my next post!

We can all learn from each other; what steps are you taking to ensure you are top of mind for your consumers?


Twitter Symbol 3 simple steps to get your business started with social media!

Facebook Logo Is your company staying ahead of the curve? Here are 3 steps to get you started with Social Media Marketing!


One thought on “Is your Business Staying Ahead of the Curve?

  1. This was very helpful as some of the reasoning for taking this course is getting a better knowledge of how to best use social media for our business. We want to be more visible and find out what tools are the best way to seek new clients and get info out to future clients. We are more at the research stage and gaining all info and advice that is available. Looking forward to what info you will have in your next blog.

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