COM0014 – Blog #2: Goals aren’t just for Soccer

These goals have to do with writing, and not kicking a ball.

When writing, you need to stop and think about a couple of key points of communication and storytelling before you pick up your pencil. These points will make you and your article stand out from other articles/writers out there.

Before you start writing your article,news post, or product description you need to think “what do I want my readers to do.” It could be, you want them to “like” your post on Instagram, “follow/like” your page on Facebook, or maybe just “tag” a friend on the article you wrote, from here you can figure out what style of writing you need to use, to accomplish your end goal.

No matter the length of your post, you need to capture your audience’s attention fast. With social media being at our fingertips everyone can, get to, read anything, watch anything we want within seconds. So how is YOUR article going to make them want to stop? Well, you have to capture their attention.

If there is one thing you take out of this article, it is that you need to think of what you want your call of action to be from your readers. Make sure you know what your goal is, think of a way to accomplish, and get that goal!


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