3 Signs You Need to Unplug from Social Media


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As we all know by now social media is a platform that can completely consume people.  But how do we know when enough is enough? Heres some signs that it may be time for you to put down the phone and unplug for a little bit!

  1. When you post do you find yourself obsessing over the amount of likes/rts/comments you get?

Who doesn’t enjoy a little attention and praise every now and then when they post something? But when you find yourself NEEDing a certain amount of likes/rts/comments in order to keep something posted or feel okay with yourself than it may have come a little to far.

2. Constantly refreshing your feeds

Do you find yourself constantly refreshing your news feeds, or thinking about them when you don’t have access? Is checking your feed the first thing you do when you wake up and last thing you do before bed?

3. Missing out on real life experiences

Have you been noticing yourself missing things that happen right in front of you, or maybe you’re only seeing it through your screen so that you can post about it?  Or maybe people have to nudge you in order to get your attention away from the screen.

If you have found yourself falling into any of these habits I challenge you to step away from the devices and completely unplug! Now I’m not saying completely get rid of it, but a few hours a day unplugged could do us all some good!

Have you noticed you need to unplug? If so share your experience!

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8 thoughts on “3 Signs You Need to Unplug from Social Media

  1. I’ve unplugged before, and man did it feel GOOD!

    I went on vacation actually, after I left my job my parents decided I needed a real vacation. I hadn’t been on one in two years, so I happily said thank you and went. We went to Habana, Cuba. The internet isn’t the best there so I decided to just be offline the entire time.

    I did take a bunch of photos to post afterwards and vlog for my YouTube channel, but that’s all I did in comparison to what I used to do back home. I would check Instagram numerous times, be on twitter for forever, etc. I lived in the moment and it felt so good.

    I highly encourage anyone to unplug. I sometimes now don’t even go on my phone for a day! That trip really made me see my ways were eating my day up.

  2. Great reminder! I never care how many like or share, but I do wonder if any one read my post. I do try to remind myself not to care as much about that; but we are only human, we do like to share and get to know like minded people in the real or virtual world.

  3. From a guy that carries an Iphone and a Blackberry, that is perhaps one of my main challenge; to unplug once in a while. I would be curious to see what are your tips to unplug. Perhaps that might be your next blog?

    Last week, Apple introduced a new feature in IOS 12 called “Screen Time”. It allows you to see exactly where you spend (or waste) your time on your mobile device with graphs and stats. I am looking forward to see what the breakdown is for myself, but something tells me Instagram will be a big one…

    Also, as a parent of an 11 year old, I am looking forward to have a peak at how (and when) he uses his device and better supervise his time online.


  4. I have a great story about someone I observed who missed out on an amazing life experience because they viewed it on screen. I was in Montreal watching a live Formula 1 race. We’re huge fans, and we go with a large group. This year, we even had amazing grandstand seats.

    There was a couple who sat in the row below us who live streamed the entire 2-hour event through some kind of social media on their phones. It was too small for me to see clearly. They stood with their eyes on their phones to watch the live even that was happening right in front of them. Worst part, throughout the event, they kept asking each other who was winning and what was happening. Clearly, their interactions on social media really impeded their abilities to enjoy real life events.

    Worst part — it was rude and distracting for those of us who were sitting in the back!

    I’m definitely guilty of the constant refresh, though. So I guess I’m no better.

  5. Such a great topic! I stopped carrying a phone just because of this. I feel like by having that time away from social media that Im able to destress a lot easier.

    Got to admit I’m a little jealous that I didn’t think to write about it!

    Great article.

  6. Great post! I’m not big on social media but coming from an advertising background I find myself compelled to know about it to stay current. It’s so big and influential, Social media that is, that even if you don’t want to be part of it you have to. Your recommendations are away around it for sure.

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