COM0015 Blog 1: Tools & Sources

Favourite Social Media Trend Listening/Monitoring Tools for my Blog/Brand

I am a published book reviewer/blogger of books and book lifestyle products.  Besides being a voracious reader, I also love to talk about books which is also why I blog about them.  Girl Well Read is my personal brand and books/book lifestyle products are my passion.        

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Being a book blogger not only connects me with my favourite authors, but it also connects me with other passionate readers and reading communities.  There are many fantastic book related apps and websites dedicated to readers, book clubs, and that also unite authors and publishers with communities of readers.  

As a book reviewer, I receive some swag which includes free books, book-themed items, and advanced reading copies (an ARC is essentially an uncorrected proof that is provided by publishers to reviewers, booksellers, and librarians before publication/mass distribution).  What I find especially exciting is when my favourite authors comment, like, tweet, and repost my reviews of their books.

Currently I am trying to grow my personal brand and take my business to the next level where I am actually paid to review, and can participate in sponsored posts and form partnerships with publishers, brands, and authors.  If I am speaking from the perspective of my blog, the most useful and cost effective tool I use would be the actual Blogger provided statistics to determine which posts were the most successful and had the most views:

Overview tab — general overview that ranks the posts with highest number of views, page view statistics (today, yesterday, last month, and all-time history), as well as traffic sources and an audience map.

Statistics tab — the statistics for the actual posts.  It shows you the ten highest ranked posts by page view and then also provides the statistics of your pages (my pages are “About Me” and my “Review Policy”).   

Traffic Sources tab — the referring URLs, referring sites, and searched keywords.  This is helpful to see which keywords my audience are using to reach my site.   

Audience data — breaks down page views by country, browser, and operating system.  Mobile use is steadily increasing and will play into my strategy as I consider how a post will appear (look and feel) on a mobile device, and the changes I will need to make to ensure the reading experience is as enjoyable as on an actual computer.  

I also have set up Social Mention—a social media search and analysis platform to  aggregate user generated content from across social media platforms into a single point of information.  The enables me to track and measure mentions of my blog in real-time to ensure I am responding to comments and mentions in a timely manor.  As we have learned in our courses, listening is powerful and so is engagement.

On Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Pintrest, I am relying on their built-in metrics to measure engagement, see what types of posts are performing well, how they trend over time, as well as gain insight as to who my audience are.

Favourite Social Media Trend Listenting/Monitoring Tools for Businesses 

Looking at other tools from the perspective of an established business or corporation that have a budget, I think that Keyhole and Hootsuite would be the best way to monitor and listen.

Keyhole helps you monitor your Twitter and Instagram accounts.  You can drill down and look at keywords, hashtags, URLs, and usernames to view data in real-time, and look at historical information.  

There is also the ability to track and monitor campaigns and events, as well as monitoring your brand and your competition.  Another interesting feature is the ability to measure your influencers.  Many businesses are partnering with influencers and Keyhole enables you to not only find and connect with them, but to monitor their impact and engagement.

Hootsuite is incredibly popular since it can track across a number of social networks and platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, WordPress, etc.  It also has the ability to delegate tasks which is helpful to organizations that would have more than one person responsible for their social media accounts.  There is also the ability to schedule posts across multiple platforms which would timesaving and cost-effective.    

Given my non-existent budget, I’m definitely going to look into the free service which allows one user to manage up to three social profiles with two RSS feeds.  

Sources of News and Updates   

There are many niche book apps and sites but I would use them more for cataloguing, synopsizing, and reviewing purposes because they are more user driven.  I rely on Google Alerts for things like new releases, and author events (things that I consider to be news) as well as to keep updated with what is going on in the publishing industry and to keep tabs on my favourite authors.  I support the arts whenever I can and attending author events are a great way to do this!

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Instagram is where I see what books have a lot of buzz and which books should be on my radar.  I also follow authors and publishers to see what they are working on, what is slated for publishing and when.  This helps me immensely as it drives my selection preferences for the advanced reader copies that primarily make up my reviews.  

Leave a comment below and tell me how you listen and monitor, I’d love to hear from you!

4 thoughts on “COM0015 Blog 1: Tools & Sources

  1. Good afternoon
    Finding the right listening tool for your business can be very frustrating at times. The company I work for has a very small budget for advertising which was non-existent prior to my arrival. We started with Hootsuite but found in order to get reports that we would like there was a upgrade required which cost $$$$’s. Just lately we switched to Google my Business, which so far has been serving our requirements to date. Facebook also gives us information / feedback that is being quite useful. Social Media listening/monitoring tools are as individual as the needs we require in order to seek the answers to get a clear picture of which direction we are headed.
    I am not much of a novel person but love a classic movie with a nice Gamay!

  2. Great read, well written. I am going to check out some of your favorites, Keyhole and Social Mentions I will look at for sure. The companies I have been working with are small and I only have a couple, I just watch and listen right now and use an excel spreadsheet, as I build my business I know I will have to start using more of these tools. Thanks

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