COM0015 – Blog #1 – Tools and Sources

How many times have you gone looking for the right tool to perform a task, whether ittools be a DIY project or a work task, only to realize that you either don’t have it or you cannot find the right tool? I can sure relate t that when it comes to the DIY projects. But when it comes to online sources, how do you determine which online tool is the best one for you?

First and foremost, rely on the goals you have set for social media. You want to ensure that how you measure your success or failure, can be measured accurately. And any feedback, positive or negative can be determined and responded to in a timely manner.

Prior to starting this social media program, like many of you, I had only delved into the worlds of Facebook and Twitter, not counting online news on the web. However my world quickly opened up with all of the possibilities of social media resources that are out there. There are a few tools, new to me, that I’ve been getting used to over the past months – Sprout Social, Facebook Insights and Feedly. Although I’m no expert with Feedly (still trying to figure it all out), Sprout Social has been my go-to tool for work. I have found their analytics quite helpful on all of the posts that I’ve created for the fitness centre. (oh, by the way, I manage a fitness facility for a small municipality in York Region). There is so much opportunity to use social media with our centre, but unfortunately, there is a lot of red tape that comes with it. I am limited at work to using Sprout Social as our social media tool. At this point, we’ve been asking to have our own Facebook page, but no luck yet. I’ll keep trying.

As an Administrator for the Aurora Seniors Association’s Facebook page, I have found the Facebook Insights Metrix very informative. Not only can I see the likes, shares and comments, but it also shows me how each post has been doing overall and gives me an option to boost it. And since these posts directly relate to our programs and services, if something needs to change, it can be done quickly.

infographicWhen it comes to additional source material though, since beginning this program, I have subscribed to Social Media Today’s online newsletter and find their website quite educational for my purpose. Finding information on trending, marketing, and all things social media, it has helped me to develop our social media strategy for the fitness centre. The ‘Ultimate Social Media Checklist’ in this infographic from Social Media Today, shows daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly tasks to keep track of on your social media pages and platforms. Definitely a cool little graphic to have posted at my desk as a reminder to constantly keep monitoring my posts and pages.

There are so many tools and sources in the online world that at times, I have found it difficult to pick just a few. As I mentioned, try to align any of the tools to your goal; some will work and some will not. And with the ever-changing online world, I’m sure there are many tools that will be developed that will impact my work and yours.

Are your social media goals a match made in heaven with the tools that you use? Do you think there is a better one out there to be developed? I know that I’ll be doing a lot more research into the multitude of tools and sources out there; Tweetdeck, Hootsuite, Google Alerts and Trends to name a few. Keeping up with the constant changes in social media will be a bit like Keeping up with the Kardashians.

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