COM0014 – Blog #1: Mont-Tremblant

I always ponder about vacation, taking time off work, spending a weekend away. I am such a workaholic that I FEEL I don’t NEED a vacation. So after lots of discussion I agreed to a weekend away to Mont-Tremblant.

I’ve only ever been there once, it was in the winter, about 7 years ago. So, the only memory that really sticks out to me, is trying to ski. It didn’t go over well, you know in the movies where the person skiing ends up in the forest? You thought right, I ended up in the forest. Surprisingly I haven’t skied since, wonder why.


The first and last time I skied

No need to worry, we went in the summer. I never knew how pretty it was, it felt like you were on this little resort where you’re in a different word. Until you see someone you know because the world is actually so small.

Before we went, I did some research and wanted to plan out what our activities were going to be, I spent hours online looking into different things the village offered. Somehow, I missed it was “Mont-Tremblant Blues Festival”. We were skeptical at first to go, as we both don’t listen to Blues music, and that there was a VERY  high chance it would be sung in French and both of us are very English. But, we did it anyways! It was a pleasant surprise that both of enjoy Blues music, we were correct that most of the music was sung in French.

The next day, we woke up energized and ready to tackle the day… well tackle a hill. Both of us were amazed on how organized the Village is with their hiking trails, they have it down to the minute on how long a trail would take you. Which was fantastic, because I get really hungry around 11:30 am and no one wants that. So, we chose the hike that was best for my needy stomach and off we went. I believe we walked for about 10 minutes before finding this beautiful water fall, and as you’re thinking correctly, we took some pictures.


After the photos, we continued up the hill, during that time it clicked to us that we never realized how steep the hills at Mont-Tremblant are (Really shows that both of us aren’t skiiers.) With that being said, we made it to the first landing, took and picture and headed back down.


Overall, Mont-Tremblant is an adorable village, with lots to do, including shopping, dining, beaches, hiking, and activities for everyone. I had a great weekend away, maybe next time I won’t be such a pain in planning something, but I doubt it.

2 thoughts on “COM0014 – Blog #1: Mont-Tremblant

  1. Wow, those pictures are amazing! I visited Mount Tremblant once for a conference, however it was in the winter and we didn’t get to enjoy the outdoors as much. I’ll have to visit another time, then! Your experience convinced me!

  2. I have been in Mount Tremblant during the summer for a sister-in-law getaway! We rented a condo and enjoyed touring the village as well as some great hiking trails. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed your vacation!

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