Out of the Box


Native Ad Generator with Sharethrough

I think the most interesting application I found for social marketing was with a company called Sharethrough.  This company was founded in 2008 by graduates from Stanford University.  Their studies there were based on the psychology of virality.  The exact definition of this is: The tendency of an image, video or piece of information to be circulated rapidly and widely form one internet user to another; the quality or f act of being viral.  With this being the basis for their studies, they approached the psychology of social media advertising is done quite differently.  Instead of it grabbing you attention, they feel that an ad  should be worth your time to watch.

12,000,000,000+ : the number of Native Ad Impressions every month.

The reason why this model is so successful is that you don’t need to recreate an ad for each platform.  There is Real-Time Templating, which means all need to provide into the template is a headline, thumbnail, brand name ad content URL.  I used their sample and it is literally that easy to use.  Along with the platform comes all the analytics for the ad campaign which I did not get the pricing because you need to add quit a few parameters to get one.  

For small business or large, I think this application may prove to be beneficial to use for two reasons.  One, you do not have the financial ability to pay an advertiser.  Secondly, this seems to be quick and easy for large companies to have multiple ads running on many platforms with, also very little internal resources used.

What I’ve learned from my own personal experience is that you can’t spread yourself too thin and be an expert at everything.  You need to decide where you allocate your resources.

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