Personal Reflection : My Dad

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me “Jim Valvano

Sixteen years ago, this week, I lost my Dad. This was the first time I had lost anyone close to me and I was devasted. My Dad died unexpectedly and suddenly which was a good thing he did not suffer, he had never spent a day in the hospital and he had never really been sick. It was a good thing for my Dad, but not for his loved ones. He left a trail of lost and sad people. My Dad had been a local farmer and worked for over 30 years for the Canadian Pacific Railroad. The night he passed as we left the hospital feeling lost and unsure, we had to stop for a train going through town. This gave us a little bit of peace knowing he was on that train embarking on his next journey. My Dad was one of the best people I have ever known, he was a simple man with a big heart and loved life and everyone close to him.


My Dad was an only child and because of this, he called many of his close friends brother or sister. He worked hard and loved to volunteer in his community. In fact, earlier the night he died he had delivered meals on wheels to some local seniors who were not able to get out. Not only was he loved by his family, he had a big circle of friends that also loved him He loved to have people around him and loved to tell stories, these are traits I have gotten from my Dad. The day my Dad walked me down the aisle holding my hand very tight, to marry my husband, he told me how much he loved me and how proud he was of me. I was fortunate to have my Dad in my life for over 40 years, he taught me so much and molded me into the caring loving person I am.

What I miss the most about not having my Dad around over the last 16 years is that he never got to see the amazing young men that my 2 boys have become. They were young when he passed, he did move closer to my house and was able to take them to the park and have sleepovers with them. I am grateful for that. I am sure he knows where ever he is, what great people they have become.  I see traits of my Dad in both boys, they are hard working, respecting and loving. They often ask about my Dad and we tell stories often about him. I want them to know and love the man my Dad was.

white butterfly

Whenever I see a white butterfly flying in my garden I know it is my Dad checking up on me. I still talk to him daily and look back on the advice he gave me on life. I know he would and is proud of the successes in my life and sorry he wasn’t there when life was not so successful for me. Even though he has passed I have never closed the door on him, he will always be a part of my life.

This is my personal reflection for this week. The quote by Richard Branson – “My philosophy in life is that you only live once. Live life to its fullest. This is so true, I try to practice this daily and ask hope that my boys do also. I never really thought about personal reflections before the topic was given to us for our final blog for this course. I am now going to try to write a personal refection every week, I have lots to reflect on and it will be a good reminder of what a good life I have. What is your personal reflection for this week or next?






One thought on “Personal Reflection : My Dad

  1. Wonderful read. I feel your pain as I lost my dad 18 years ago. He also left me with some sage advice which has stayed with me too. He’s always watching and listening. I’m sure your boys are a lot like you too since you’re a lot like your dad I’m sure.

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