Do people know your story?

“We all have a life story and a message that can inspire others to live a better life or run a better business. Why not use that story and message to serve others and grow a real business doing it?” Brendon Burchard


I am outgoing and love to tell my story to whoever will listen. Sometimes I think I talk too much, but my personal story spans over several decades, there is a lot to tell. I have played many roles during this time and I have different roles for the people in my life. I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister and friend. No one role is more important than other. My mother plays a big role in my story, teaching me to be a good mom and a strong woman, I thank her for this.

My Facebook Page tells my personal story. I like to post quotes, pics, events and just have fun engaging with family and friends! There are many ways to tell your story, blogs, videos and pictures are just a few. I have recently learned how to blog for the social media course I am enrolled in, I am enjoying telling my story through this platforms and sharing with others. The biggest part of my personal story is being a Mom, I have raised 2 wonderful young men. This has been my most challenging and rewarding story of all. I hope my boys have been inspired by my story and that I get to play a role in theirs.

Brene Brown Twitter

Brene Brown Twitter

My customers know they can trust me, I will listen and I can be counted on, this is how I tell my business story. If you follow me on Linkedin you will see how I post and engage with colleagues and businesses. This platform is serious, educating and has a business-like tone. I manage, support and educate my customers to help them create a marketing strategy for their business. Educating on different marketing platforms, learning more about their business and giving them advice on what will work for them.  Giving them support and measurement on idea’s we have worked on. Telling my professional story to my customers has gained their trust and helped me be successful in my career as a sales and marketing consultant.

It would be interesting to ask a few people in my life to tell me my story, I wonder how their story would be different from my version of my story. Social Media gives us a great opportunity to tell our story. What is your story?


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