Personal Brand

“If you don’t have a powerful and visible personal brand, you are putting yourself at a disadvantage in almost every aspect of your professional, business and personal life. Personal branding has become a requirement for anyone looking to grow their business, get a better job, get noticed by the press, take their career to the next level or meet new, high-quality friends.”8 Reasons a Powerful Personal Brand Will Make You Successful


Your personal brand should be the best version of you personally and professionally. You should be authentic with your brand and your audience will put trust in you.  There are so many social media platforms to tell your story, you must make sure your brand is consistent an all of them. Knowing your personal brand will help you build relationships, gain trust and engage with your audience.


In this video Own Your Personal Brand,  Jenni Flinders talks about owning your personal brand. First impressions, confidence and owning your story is an important part of your personal brand. I deal with business people daily, I am always impressed with people who are confident, not shy about their success and who they are. These people are successful business people and have a large audience that they influence. I recently had a meeting with 2 candidates from our local municipal election. When I asked them what they wanted to talk to me about, they replied, ” We wanted to talk to different influencers in our riding so that we have a good understanding of what voters are looking for and how to reach them” In their minds, I was a marketing influencer in my small town. Every time I thought about this comment I had a smile on my face. I am no Gary Vaynerchuk, whom I admire and have learned so much from by listening to his podcasts and audiobooks, but in the eyes of some of my audience, I was a marketing influencer. I knew over the years I had built relationships, gained trust and educated the people in my audience and my community. I had a personal brand of being trusted, respected and a successful part of my community.


How I worked on discovering my personal brand was I asked a few friends, family members and co-workers to describe me in 5 words or phrases. Similar words and phrases showed up: trusting, works for her customers, honest, great sense of humor and knowledgeable were a few that were mentioned. Using these words and phrases I had found my personal brand. Do you know your personal brand? Are you true to your personal brand? Try asking the people in your life how they would describe you? This is a great exercise to learn about yourself and your personal brand.


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