Kill them with kindness: How to respond to those ‘not-so-good’ reviews

As a small business, reviews help promote customer growth and tell people why they should give you their business. It’s basically free advertising – you give customers a good experience and they write a great review that encourages other people to check out what you have to offer. But what happens when you receive a review that doesn’t reflect what you want people to see?

Ever heard of that old saying, “Kill them with kindness”? An article by Review Trackers says that “52 percent of customers expect to hear back from brands within 7 days of writing an online review, particularly one that’s negative or critical. 1 in 4 customers are more demanding, expecting a review response within 3 days, while 21 percent expect brands to have a response time of 24 hours or less”. The way you reply however is much more important than how quickly you reply.

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While your initial reaction might be anger and a few explicit words, take a moment to breathe and think about what you would like to say. If you answer a negative review with more negativity, you definitely won’t win that customer back. Try your very best to think through what you would like to say and answer in a way that will maintain the integrity of your business.

Check out this article by Vendasta that gives you step by step instructions for how to respond to both negative and positive reviews.

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Photo from Review Trackers

And don’t forget about those positive reviews! Responding to positive reviews is just as important because it helps strengthen the rapport between your business and your customers. So let’s hear it! Have you ever recieved a really bad review and all you wanted to do scream and pull your hair out? Or have you mastered the ‘kill them with kindness’ mentality?

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Twitter Growing your business one bad review at a time #killthemwithkindness


2 thoughts on “Kill them with kindness: How to respond to those ‘not-so-good’ reviews

  1. Some great points brought up throughout this blog. As a small business owner myself, these are the things I plan to keep in mind while advertising via my social media pages. Killing them with kindness might not always be the easiest when dealing with some very irrational customers, but keeping things professional is a must to maintain that professional image!

    Good stuff!

  2. When this occurs, the eyes are on how you address it. Undoubtedly these are difficult situations to manage but what steps are taken next can leave the most significant impression.

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