Dirty Hypocrite – How Social Media Made Me Less Social

I recently became a bit of a hypocrite as a result of social media. I tend to try to shop locally and support small businesses in my community. However this week I purchased a product online as a result of Facebook’s target marketing. A product that I know a local store carries but which was much easier and convenient to purchase online.

***Spoiler discussion of women’s hygiene product ahead***

Although I’ve always recycled and composted at home I’ve recently tried to cut down on the amount of disposable products I use in my home. This includes plastic wrap and Ziploc bags as well as pads. I’ve started using a beeswax paper purchased at a local eco friendly store. Due to the costs associated with environmentally friendly products I tend to do a lot of research before jumping in and replacing a disposable product with a reusable one. I tend to research the different bands, read reviews, and consider Canadian options as well as the cost of shipping.

I’ve done a lot of research on Thinx underwear, which are a designed to be used in place of pads during a women’s period. I talked recently with a friend who has a pair and while she said they work she said she wouldn’t purchase them again given their high cost. While Thinx has done some great marketing around menstruation and has been able to generate discussion around a bit of a taboo subject they have also recently had a bit of a set back in their social media marketing. Within the past few months Thinx released a period blanket for use when people get down during that time of the month. The cost of the product in Canada is $496.90 and it was this high cost combined with a particular Facebook promotional video that saw the company receive backlash.

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 11.26.03 PM

Screenshot from Thinx’s period blanket ad.

After talking to a friend and reconsidering the cost of one pair of Thinx I started researching reusable pads online. I came across several varieties and on my last trip to the Bee’s Knees I saw that they carried a version in store. I did a bit more research into different companies and this week an ad showed up on my Facebook for Hannahpad promoting a deal on your first purchase. I checked the website, compared it to similar products online, and registered as a new customer to get the deal. This lead me to question how local businesses can use social media to their advantage in today’s world of instant consumption.

I follow several local businesses online and the businesses which grab my attention are those who advertise new products such as a one time beer, who make use of Instagram stories to let me know when I can visit a local food truck, and those which give me all the information about a product including the cost!

Screen Shot 2018-08-13 at 11.48.10 PM

Port Rexton’s Instagram post for a recent one off beer.

In today’s world when it is so easy to buy online how do you see local businesses standing out? Do you have suggestions for what brick and mortar stores should do to compete with online giants? How do we get people out of their homes and into the stores?

facebook Dirty Hypocrite – When Facebook Makes You Your Own Worst Enemy https://bit.ly/2MnTbs9

Twitter Dirty Hypocrite – Is Social Media Making Me Less Social https://bit.ly/2MnTbs9


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