Strong and Weak Organizations

In researching for a company with an impressive social media strategy, I went to Sprout Social to see what they thought.  In looking at their Top 8 Standout Social Media Marketing Examples from 2018, there was one that stood out to me.  This was ASOS, that implemented a user-generated content approach.  This was great because they had people who had bought their products, submit a picture of them wearing it.  The pictures were varied, colourful and very different because each person showcased themselves in their own way.  As I continues research, I then came across a company called Blenders Eyewear.  These guys have gone from selling sunglasses from their backpacks, to a multi-million dollar company, all through Facebook and Instagram.  They used their strong relationships with a photography network.  They then used “Instameets” to have the photographers meet up and then were offered free products to produce content for them.  They currently have 243K followers with 2846 fantastic posts.

For a company that could benefit from a more interactive social media site was difficult to find.  I could refer to the City of Ottawa or the Lifesaving Society, but I’ve already done different projects on their weaknesses.  I searched all the companies I follow and couldn’t find anything glaring either.  So, what I did find in my searches, is that one company, that reached a profit of over a trillion dollars, has no social media accounts.  This is Apple.  When reading about why they do not, it was initially believed it was because of the arrogance of Steve Jobs.  What Apple describes as their marketing strategy, is that they have a large conference to unveil their latest products.  This then drives you back to their website for a very simple, yet colourful presentation of all their products.  The second belief of Apple, is that they provide exceptional customer service.  Now that they have more store fronts, the staff are knowledgable and so approachable.  What I do find amusing, is that when you do go in because of something dumb you’ve done to your Apple baby, and they sit you down at the Genuis bar…..

As for recommendations for the company that I work for currently?  I would recommend developing a strategy with a calendar for posting and engaging both clients and employees to post.  In addition, providing the hashtags so that more and more people tag as well.  Currently the #ottawarecreation only has 10 photos tagged and considering the amount of interest that photos could generate, we are way behind.   

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