How Social Media has made an impact on the advancement of technology

Looking over some of the posts made by my classmates, it made me realize just how big an impact social media has had on technology as a whole.

Reading over the post just made by WELLPACKED about how at his grandmothers 94th birthday recipes were exchanged via Pinterest, it really got me thinking.

Technology over the past 10 years has excelled at a pace beyond our wildest dreams. From dial up internet to wifi and hotspots; from massive computer towers to handheld tablets, its safe to say technology has been rapidly advancing right before our eyes. Another huge asset to the advancement of technology, and backed up by this article I came across, is the impact of social media.

Facebook Logo

In the article I was reading it states that Facebook actually has over 1.1 billion users, a number thats pretty hard to comprehend. With over a billion people using just this one social media platform, its hard to realize just how many people are using all these different platforms on a daily basis. These social media outlets have completely changed the way we connect with each other. Some can see this as a bad thing, as it has cut out the personable side of communicating with others a bit, but the benefits of social media definitely outweigh the down side.

In the beginning stages it was just posting on other peoples pages or commenting on uploaded photos, but now a days it has become so much more. From advertising your small business to having full on conference calls, there is becoming more and more benefits to these platforms each and every day. When FaceTime had come out it was the coolest way to video chat with someone anywhere in the world, but now you can actually video chat with someone via Facebook just by clicking a button in the Facebook Messenger App. This has cut down on all the difficulties of using a different source like Whats App, Skype or even ones you need to purchase like Glide, and added it to your convince at the push of a button on an app you already use.

apple applications apps cell phone

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The majority of my article has focused on Facebook, as it is the biggest social media platform right now. But with all these other platforms updating to have the latest technology readily available at the push of a button as well, I believe that social media has helped advance technology by having it so easily accessible.

Do you agree that social media is helping in the advancement of technology? Or just helping it be easier to access? Post what you think! facebook

How do you think Twitter has helped with the advancement of technology? Maybe #hashtags ? Let me know your thoughts!  Twitter



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