My First Time…Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge, Say No More… Just Kidding! I’m Talking About Facebook

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Throughout my life, I’ve had a lot of first times. I’ve been lucky enough to experience an extreme shift in technology advancements. The year I was born the digital wristwatch was launched. That blows my mind. Think about it—up to that point you didn’t just look at the time you had to tell time.  I was probably only five or six when companies started using the modern technology of a fax machine (but now it’s becoming more obsolete by the day). I still remember going to the store to buy eight tracks. Lord only knows where all my Beatle albums landed after I had to replace all my albums with cassette tapes and then replace all my cassette tapes with CDs. Any guesses what year I started using my own personal cell phone? 2010. I was 40 years old when I got my first cell phone. How crazy is that? Now I don’t even have a landline. And somewhere in between cassette tapes and cell phones I started using a computer and guess what? There was no internet on that computer! But, the internet finally popped up on one of the computers I was using. Suddenly, there it was, Facebook staring me right in the face (pun intended).

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I remember how fascinating Facebook was. In fact, not many of my friends knew about it and I was the one that encouraged them to join and become friends on my page. It must have been early 2007 and I was doing a temporary job where I didn’t know anyone. Luckily, I was still able to feel connected because my friend Keith and I would message each other throughout the workday (on our breaks and lunches) using Facebook Chat. It felt great to be connected. So much fun! When I went to Vancouver on vacation I could message my friends in an instant, easy peasy. Does anyone else remember playing the very first game on Facebook? That’s right! Pirate Ship. So many major advances in my lifetime, too many to count really. But, I do remember my first time on Facebook. How fantastic it has been to stay connected with people, especially ones, that are far away. One of my best friends lives in Vancouver and she posts pictures and videos of her life and her son all the time on Facebook. Her son is only five years old and it’s so fantastic to be able to stay connected and not feel like I’m missing out. I’m literally watching him grow up on Facebook. (I’ve only met him once)!

 The Evolution Of Social Media:

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I did a little research and found some interesting tidbits. I always thought that Myspace was the first social media site where you could add friends, but turns out that happened in 1997 with a site called ‘Six Degrees’. In fact, it was the very first social media site. To see more of what I learned about the evolution of social media check out the history cooperative. Has anyone else found some interesting tidbits about social media or remember their first time with social media? Was it good, was it bad?

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Facebook LogoAdvancements in technology since 1970, the evolution of social media, and having fun with Facebook are the topics discussed in my latest blog. To learn more about these topics including my ‘first time’ check out my blog!

Google Plus IconAdvancements in technology since 1970, the evolution of social media, and having fun with Facebook are the topics discussed in my latest blog. To learn more about these topics including my ‘first time’ check out my blog! #1970s #socialmediahistory

6 thoughts on “My First Time…Wink Wink, Nudge Nudge, Say No More… Just Kidding! I’m Talking About Facebook

  1. I remember my mom wouldn’t allow us to get digital watches until she was sure we could properly tell time on an analogue watch! Before I got rid of Facebook in 2008, you still had to attend certain Universities to get an account. There was no messenger, I am not even sure if there was a “Wall”. I can remember creating groups and being proud if they had more than 10 members. Thanks for the post. I suspect if I was on a Facebook profile now, I wouldn’t even recognize it or know how to use it.

    • Thanks for your response! Good for your mom teaching you analogue. Actually, I only ever wore analogue watches myself. But, now who needs a watch we all have cell phones 🙂 and yes, Facebook has made a lot of updates to their user experience. Sometimes, I struggle with all the updates to programs, etc. because you get used to using it one way and then it changes.

  2. I remember being the first kid to have a Nokia “brick” cell phone, and it made all my friends jealous because I could play the game snake on it. Fast forward a decade and kids 8 years old have iPhones with unlimited data and an endless supply of information in the palm of their hand.

    Safe to say we’ve come a long way in just a short time with technology!

    Good post!

    • Thanks, Andrew. Funny you mention data because I only got data last February. But, yes it is so much easier to find information these days (especially for me since last Feb.)

  3. Ah, memories! I remember being in first-year university and being able to “chat” with my boyfriend who went to a different school on the other side of the province. I even connected with one of his university friends to plan a surprise visit! And now we can do all that on our phones – crazy!

    And I enjoyed your reference to analog watches – I insisted on buying my kids analog watches as their first watch to ensure they knew how to tell time. Now cursive writing on the other hand… 😉

    • Thanks, Kelly. I’m sure your kids enjoyed their watches! Yes, I’d heard that the schools had stopped teaching cursive writing, which I think is unfortunate. Although, I’m not even certain I remember it myself as I’ve been using print since I was 14. Yikes!

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