B2C Canopy Growth


Four years ago, Canopy Growth moved into Smiths Falls, a small Ottawa Valley town and they took over the abandoned Hershey chocolate plant, they opened shop. Canopy Growth is the first Canadian regulated cannabis grower.

Check out their story, “Canopy Growth our story”

With over 400 employees they have given life back to the town and the community. With the legalization of cannabis coming October 2018 and the research that is being done on the medical benefits, Canopy Growth is getting ready!  By opening visitors centres across Canada, expanding the grow operation, educating and hiring staff to keep up with the demand. How do you promote and advertise a product with so much controversy? Canopy Growth is doing a great job of marketing and educating to an expanding audience.


“With conventional advertising largely prohibited, social media is quickly becoming a new frontier for companies to test messaging. Tweed, the main subsidiary of multibillion-dollar Canopy Growth, scatters its social media profiles with posts in a not-so-subtle indicator of its product.” How do you market weed when you can’t market weed?

An important part of this expansion and legalization will be to educate, inform and answer questions on cannabis and the legalization of it. Canopy Growth is taking to social media to spread the word. By using all social media platforms they will be able to expand their existing followers to include a new audience and educate them on their products and services.  Proof that cannabis is socially accepted! Using Facebook “Events” will get the word out on events, job fairs and tours. On all platforms they make good use of tagging, using location and being involved in the different communities where they are located. On Twitter, there are lots of tweets, retweets and mentions on their posts. The audience is large and engaging. With Instagram, they take the opportunity to post about events, products and how they are supporting the local communities where they are located. Using LinkedIn helps them have a more professional persona, find investors and employees. They use a play on the word “Hi.” on all their platforms and hiring ads. Their marketing team clearly knows what they are doing!

I follow Tweed, Tweed Mainstreet and Canopy Growth on all their platforms, they are doing a great job of using social media to tell their story about a product with so many unknowns. On almost all their posts there is engagement, shares and likes.  With the legalization this fall, people are curious. I do not see much negativity and I am sure due to the nature of their business there is quite a bit. They must have a good social media team in place.  They know their audience, using social media to expand, educate, and engage it and continue to grow it…see what I did there.

Are you curious about the legalization and health benefits of cannabis? If yes, follow these platforms and some of your questions will be answered.


One thought on “B2C Canopy Growth

  1. Very interesting read Sharon. I’m curious to see how this whole industry plays out in the fall.
    Thanks for the info to learn more about it.

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