5 ways to make Social Media work in your classroom without the headache

These days, most kids have an iPhone by the time they’re 10 years old. And if they don’t own one, they definitely know how to use one. Technology has been creeping in to classrooms for a long time now but it wasn’t until just recently that Social Media made its debut. At this point, it’s time teachers learn how to use Social Media to their benefit because gone are the days when you had your students full and undivided attention.

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As a recent graduate from Teacher’s College, here are 5 of my top tips to incorporating Social Media in to your classroom:

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1) Connect with other classrooms around the world: One World Classrooms is an amazing resource for teachers looking to incorporate global perspectives into their classroom. The company connects your classroom with a global partner class depending on what curriculum you are interested in.

2) Use Social Media as a way to connect with parents and share information about your classroom: Parents love to know what’s happening in your classroom because they don’t get much of an answer out of their own child. There are several different sites you can use to relay important information to parents. Twitter can send quick and simple notes to them or you can get a little more in depth and use a site like Seesaw. Seesaw can be downloaded as an app and creates a profile for each student. During the day, the teacher can take pictures of stuents’ work and send it directly to parents or post for the whole class to see.

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3) Have students create a blog: Edublogs is a really great resource for teachers who are looking to start a classroom blog. Instead of having your students write a typical paper, ask them to write a blog. It makes a simple assignment a lot more exciting and gives the freedom to be creative. Edublogs is also great because there are privacy controls, you can moderate content, respond privately to students, monitor activity and participate in global blogging communities.

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4) Make learning fun with Kahoot!: Kahoot! is a game based learning and trivia platform that makes learning fun and engaging. You can either create your own questions about a specific topic or choose from an enormous database of already created quizzes. This makes studying fun and memorable without them thinking they’re even learning!

5) Encourage media literacy by creating videos and vlogs: There are many apps and sites where students can create videos but a personal favourite is Flipgrid. Flipgrid allows each student to create a profile. The teacher posts a topic or question and students can create a quick video answer to reply. They can comment on other videos and interact with students encouraging 100% engagement.

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There are so many other ways you can successfully and easily use Social Media in your classroom. Once you learn to let go and embrace it, you’ll see that it really isn’t that bad!

So what do you think? What other ways have you tried to bring Social Media in your classroom? Or if you’re a parent, how has your child’s teacher incorporated Social Media in their classroom and what are your thoughts on it? Let me know!

facebook 5 ways to bring social media in to the classroom without the headache! https://bit.ly/2OsLkYB

Twitter Social Media – How it’s changing our classrooms #techintheclassroom https://bit.ly/2OsLkYB



One thought on “5 ways to make Social Media work in your classroom without the headache

  1. Hi Rebecca,

    Wonderful ideas! I have a kid in 2 grade and I would love his immersion school just to open up to the use of digital tools more they do now. What I want to add to your suggestions is to let school kids know and be aware that social media can be more than simply a pass time in virtual socialization. I want them to understand through their educators that social media tools are wonderful and super cool way to learn and have fun.

    You know there should be a room now for curriculum development just centered on social media platform. Just a thought!


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