GoFundMe this!!!

GoFundMe this!!!

Is it just me?

There seems to be a huge surge in crowdfunding appeals lately for everything from home renovations to tuition assistance to medical procedures.   The stories can be awe-inspiring, tragic or even frivolous.

Results can be astounding with funds raised far exceeding the original request such as the appeal for the Humboldt Bronco tragedy.  Funds raised now stand at over $15M in response to the $4M request.  When it reached over $10M, it set a record as the largest Canadian campaign ever.

Humboldt Broncos bus crash

Other campaigns have attracted abysmal results such as a young man from Montreal who launched a GoFundMe page seeking $25,000 assistance for flight school.  Even he seemed doubtful his campaign would be successful which might explain why he received only $777 a full year later.  I have also followed a single mother’s competitive bodybuilding quest that has largely been funded through successive crowdfunding campaigns.

Clearly these appeals can yield results if sincere.  Even better if there’s a heart-tugging element to the story.  A quick Google search reveals many crowdfunding alternatives such as Indiegogo, Fundly, Bonfire and Edco to name a few.  GoFundMe alone has 18 different categories to register a campaign.  Sure beats asking Mom or Dad to pay for your shaman training in Peru.

Lately, though, I’ve noticed something new, perhaps even a micro-trend, with loved ones launching a crowdfunding campaign for a bereaved as a show of sympathy and support.  “Come on, let’s show Sherry how much we love her!”  The focus has shifted from addressing a need to demonstrating concern. Has this become the “modern” alternative to offering a shoulder to cry on and what message does this convey particularly when financial support is not needed?  “Sorry about your loss but here’s some money.”

So GoFundMe this, how does this new micro-trend sit with you?  Truthfully, I have my reservations but I appreciate the concern.

facebook  Does sending your best via a crowdfunding campaign replace being there?  What’s your take?  Facebook

Twitter Hey, sorry for your loss, here’s some money.  #ismoneyenough #offeringconcern #Iamthereforya  Twitter


3 thoughts on “GoFundMe this!!!

  1. “- Sure beats asking Mom or Dad to pay for your shaman training in Peru.” lol great closing for that paragraph! You make a great point Salish, like any social media tool, I think the responsibility is on us to handle each situation with care. I personally like that there is a tool I can use to donate towards a cause that I can see up close and relate to, not sure why it makes me feel better than donating to a group that will use my money to fund a cause on my behalf – Not to say this is not equally needed and deserved in many cases but platforms like GoFundMe bring about that connection with the person getting your help. But I agree with the fact that sometimes I see campaigns out there asking for money after they seemed to have already collected more than enough to fund their cause.

  2. Great read,

    One thing with Gofundme I have always had my concerns about is how sometimes its other people that are attempting to raise the money for someone else’s cause. Ive heard of pages getting shut down over it and the money being frozen, which I guess is better then the money going to the wrong place. If I’m donating my money to a cause, I feel like doing it online in such way as this website you never really know if your money gets to support the cause that your trying to. The idea overall is amazing but I do see some concern with it.

    A little off the topic of your post just my thoughts on the site itself,

    overall great post!

  3. Great post! I think GoFundMe is a great idea however I think that there needs to be more monitoring with regards to what people are asking for money for. I agree with andrewfeniak, you never really know for certain whether your money is going where you want it to go. I’ve seen GoFundMe be really successful but I’ve also seen some pretty pathetic requests for money.

    I think it’s a great way to raise money virtually and have a bigger reach but I think there definitely needs to be more work done on GoFundMe’s account in terms of weeding out the ridiculous stories. But of course then that might make their 15% administrative fee go up even more…

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