Social media used the wrong way

Lightly touching on some of the things we learned in lesson 3, i’ll be discussing how sometimes social media can actually cause more harm then benefit.

2012 Miss Universe Pageant

Im sure we all have a friend who overshares on their social media pages, from what they got from Starbucks in the morning to checking in from their dinner location accompanied by one to many photos. Then there is the one who posts every little detail about their relationship on social media for all to see, the good and the bad. Or even the one who jumps in to comment on everyones posts with the soul purpose of aggravating them, and keeps pushing their buttons if they respond. Im not sure about you but I’ve actually had to remove friends off my Instagram and unfriend some on Facebook because it was too much to handle.  With all the benefits social media has brought us, there is also a wrong way to use it.

Social media has been an amazing breakthrough for our generation. From keeping connected with friends and family to marketing your small business, the possibility are ultimately endless. But I feel like social media used in the wrong way can take a drastic effect on you personally. All the oversharing on that rocky relationship that didn’t work out, or all those nasty comments you make on someone else’s post, this has people forming opinions of you mearly through your social media presence. Sometimes I feel like we all need to take a step back and really think about what we are sharing or commenting. Even as more and more privacy features are added each day, the information is still shared for all to see.

Oversharing on social media does not only apply to people but business’s as well. I have had numerous pages on Instagram and Facebook that have posted 5-10 times a day, flooding my timeline with their products and services. This is not only makes me a little bothered, but actually pushes me further away from wanting their product with every post they make. It is always a good thing to promote your product or service via social media, but within reason. Attacking me with various posts about what your trying to get my to buy is only going to make me lose interest in it. Finding that one way to grab peoples attention without having to flood their social media pages is what separates the good pages from the bad ones.

My interest was peaked with this topic when I came across this article:

give it a read if you like, I found it very interesting!


Speaking from personal experience on this article, id like to know where you all stand on this. Have you ever had anyone overshare via social media? Do you agree that oversharing at times can be more harmful then beneficial? Has a company ever tried aggressively advertising via your social media accounts?


facebook Is oversharing on Facebook even a concern? Or should you know what your getting into when signing up?


Twitter Do some companies go to far with the over the top advertising via social media? #makeitstop #fairgame







6 thoughts on “Social media used the wrong way

  1. HI Andrew: Thanks for your post. I thought it was well written and raised some interesting questions. I do not follow many on Twitter (only my niece and Donald Trump but they both tweet too much!). As for suggestions, I wonder whether your paras were a little too long and whether you might have used headers to keep up readers’ interest. Paul

    • I be lying if I said I didn’t have a good laugh reading you state you think your niece and Donald Trump both tweet too much! Amazing!

      As for as the paras go, Im fully with you on this one. Looking over the format of my post, these long paragraphs look like they go on forever. Looking at it from a readers perspective as a whole I would lose interest before I even started just by the look of it. Thanks for the tip ill be keeping it in mind on my next post.

      Thanks for reading through my extremely long paragraphs!

  2. Great point on trolls. Think about how powerful the social media agitator has become. These online bullies now determined elections. Governments, law enforcement and the intelligence community are all fairly clueless about if/how to crack down on this type of behaviour.

  3. Great post. I shared my concerns about over-sharing and over-exposure in my post “Beware! Social media blast ahead!” under Discussion #2. I share your concerns about the use of social media….or, more correctly, the misuse. Despite the cautionary articles (you’ve noted above and the course readings), it seems that the practice continues. Why? Because it works to garner attention and even if some followers drop off, there are so many more to gain. Managing our own time and focus therefore becomes even more critical in the midst of all this oversharing and distraction.

    • Great point, crazy how it seems people only gain more attention with the use of over posting even if some of the content is terrible. I agree managing our own time better and avoiding these things is a must!

      Thanks for the feedback!

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