Target Audience: Ask the right questions.

“Are you struggling to connect with your customers on social media?” Social Media Examiner

Are you asking the right questions to find your target audience?


Do we really know who our target audience is?  To find out who they are you need to analyze, test and measure your social media platforms to find out who is commenting, sharing and engaging with you. Focus on the demographics of whom you think is your target audience, age, gender, education level and where do they live. Also, consider analyzing the psychographics of this group, are they conservative, trendy, what class are they, followers, leaders and what do they do for entertainment. You can also learn more about your audience by following them on their social media platforms, personal and professional. We also need to think outside of whom we think our target audience is and see if we are missing out on an opportunity. Finding out who your target audience will be an ongoing exercise.


Where is our target audience engaging? On what platforms do we see our audience engaging, posting and sharing. Is there one platform favored more than another? Is there a certain type of content engaging them more, video seems to be a great way to get your audience to engage? Are they also following your competition and what is their engagement with them? Keep track of this information and update weekly, see if there are any trends.


When is our target market engaging? What day, time of day and what platform? These are questions you need to measure to find out more about your target audience. Facebook works well to measure and test when your audience is online engaging. Facebook makes engagement visible and Facebook Insight is a great measuring tool. Twitter is so up to the minute, it is also a good way to monitor your target audience.  This article gives some good information on  how to connect with your  Target Audiences on Twitter .


Why is the target market doing what is doing on social media? Are their needs being met? Is the product and service you are offering interesting to them. Watch to see if any people drop off and see if you can find out why. If you find they are asking a lot of questions, maybe you need to educate them more on your products and services. Try to get your followers to share your posts with friend and family to try to target an even greater audience.


What are you doing right to keep your target market? Educating, answering questions and listening to your audience will let you know if you are talking to the right audience. Do not ignore any feedback, posts or questions. Once you get the audience you must work hard to keep them.


I follow quite a few businesses locally and nationally on social media. I am always curious to see what others are doing on social media, I started following Wendy’s and I don’t even eat their food, they have quite an impressive social media platform. Do you follow social media platforms that do not really interest you? Have you been able to learn about some interesting products, services and marketing idea’s, even though you are not their target market?

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