COM0014 Communication Styles

It was not until recently that I realized I had a communication style. My style is very different professionally and personally. I believe I do stay true to my self in both styles. I like to include humour and personal experiences in my blogs. When I started writing blogs for Introduction to Social Media, I had not written anything other than an email in a long time. The thought of writing blogs and having others read them intimidated me. After the second blog, I realized how much I enjoyed writing and getting feedback.

“No one communication style is inherently better than another. But picking the wrong style for a particular audience, whether it’s one person or a thousand, shuts down listening and can spell trouble.”  Which Of These 4 Communication Styles are you? Forbes

Who is your audience? Knowing this will help you decide what communication style to use. Posting topics that interest your audience and writing the posts in a way that they will stay engaged is an important rule to follow.  A personal post can be light, short and easy to read. A  professional post you need to be more informative, assertive, serious and maybe add a taste of your personal style.



Grabbing the readers attention in the first paragraph, good grammar, make it a quick and easy read. Giving the reader a call to action and something to think about is important in any communication style.

I also like to include links in my posts so that the reader can further research the topic if they want. Using social media links to your page or to groups you follow in your posts will help you get a bigger audience. Pictures, short paragraphs, subtitles, and bullets are also good ways to break up the blog or post, this will keep the reader interested. Before I started this course I was guilty of being a skimmer, now I take the time to read blogs, posts and articles. I am not only learning about the topic but also about the different styles of writing that keep me interested.


What do you look for in blogs and posts? What is a deal breaker for you when reading posts or blogs?


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