We’re cheering for Champ and you should too!

Who is Champ?

I’ll warn you now, he’s a charmer.  For a tiny guy, he has attracted a strong following in just a few days.

He is also why I am behind with this assignment and so much more.  As I was searching for a topic for this week’s social media assignment, it occurred to me that Champ’s story highlights how social media can reach out and turn fate around.

Champ has many physical ailments but his challenges may have been his good fortune earlier this month.  While many lives were so tragically lost in the SPCA (West Quebec) fire on July 4th, Champ was not among those who had recently been sent there by the Iqaluit Humane Society for rehoming.

fire-aylmer-spca-of-western-quebec-july-2-2018Fire destroyed the SPCA of Western Quebec in Gatineau’s Aylmer neighbourhood Monday night, killing 70 animals. (CBC)

Fire at Quebec SPCA leaves Iqaluit shelter in dire need

Instead he remained in Iqaluit.  While pleas were circulating social media to help rebuild the much-needed facilities in Gatineau, IHS was facing over-stretched resources and the loss of a critical partner.  The Board had to consider whether Champ’s “luck” had truly run out.

I received a PM through Facebook from the IHS Chair asking whether I might know of any options for Champ.  While I had once lived in the territory full time, I am now a two-day journey of connecting flights from Iqaluit and a day’s travel from the closest major centre.  Through social media, though, distance does not matter.  I worked quickly in putting two compassionate women together to give Champ a lifeline.

Meet Champ


Photo courtesy of Tails & Trails Country Pet Resort

While his issues are major, his spirit has captured hearts across the country.  Comments posted on Tails & Trails’ Facebook page include expressions of love and well wishes from those who have never met him.  If not for social media, a disabled three-month old pup in the eastern Arctic would literally not have a chance at life.  While we await the results with a specialist in Ottawa tomorrow, we’re cheering for Champ.

We hear a lot these days of the negative power of social media to cause disruption and spread falsehoods but it also has the capacity to empower for good.

Why you should be cheering for Champ too!

Now why does a little pup from Iqaluit deserve your attention?  Well, every once in a while there’s a story that comes along that unexpectedly tugs at your heart.  While it does nothing to address the horrific injustices or conflicts in the world, these small opportunities to make a difference help feed the soul.  We were not expecting to become so involved ourselves but through sharing via social media, we have come to know his personality, his fighting spirit and his determination.  Despite his challenges, nothing deters him from exploring and appreciating life.  Not a bad reminder for us all.

“That which is around me does not affect my mood; my mood affects that which is around me.”

~ Garth Stein, The Art of Racing in the Rain


facebook  We are cheering for Champ.  Find out why.  https://bit.ly/2KZJL6q

Twitter We are cheering for Champ!  Join us to find out why. https://bit.ly/2KZJL6q

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2 thoughts on “We’re cheering for Champ and you should too!

  1. I must say I very much enjoyed your post! As I am set to pick up my new golden retriever puppy in about a month its safe to say I was drawn to this post immediately. Very well written and I can ensure you I am 100% cheering for champ!

    • Oh these little ones have a way of stealing your heart. Beware! We have two huskies that we have raised from pups and only recently lost our old husky-girl, our matriarch. We’re all still a little lost with her. Enjoy your pup. They change so quickly.

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