Some of the Biggest Benefits to using the Social Media platform for a Small Business

Some of the benefits

As I am in the process of starting my own Social Media pages for my current landscaping company, I plan to look at some of the major benefits in using Social Media for a Small Business.

One of the biggest assets is how easily accessible all the information a client may want, or need, is to get. Your social media pages are up around the clock promoting your business, even when your working or sleeping. In my industry, this makes it so potential clients may browse past jobs I have done via photos and videos and see first hand some of the work. They may even get some ideas for the work they want done right from my Instagram or Facebook pages.

One of the most important things to keep in mind while running a small company is to have excellent customer service. I know from experience when using just a cell phone to contact clients, the voicemails and emails can add up extremely quickly. Using a Facebook or Instagram page, the platforms I will be focusing on, I will be able to contact clients through direct messages at times convenient to me. While ill be out and about working most of the day, this will make messages so much easier to organize and respond to after my workday is done.

This biggest reason I plan to use social media to market my company, which I assume is why most companies use it, is because it is cost free. For a small business in the early stages of development like myself, money is not as readily available as I hope it will be down the line. This is why having a cost free marketing platform is a no brainier in my eyes. I’ll be able to reach a wide range of clients and give them past and present jobs via photo and video for them to consider.

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While all of these platforms seem like surefire ideas, there is a lot of work to be done to ensure these social media pages are effective. Starting from scratch I will have to build my brand using these different platforms, receiving followers to get feedback and likes on photos will go a long way. I plan on creating these pages over the course of this class and look forward to the benefits and challenges ahead of using social media to promote my business!


Looking to contact me for a quote or any questions or concerns you may have? Send me a message via Facebook Messenger!


Want to take a look at some of the current and previous jobs I have done? Check out my companies Instagram!



One thought on “Some of the Biggest Benefits to using the Social Media platform for a Small Business

  1. I can feel your great enthusiasm to use social media for promotional purposes. Yes it is free. However, a platform alone is not enough. in fact, as one of the readings in Lesson 2 said, we need to do audience research and establish a social media marketing strategies. I want to stress that using these media strategically is different than using them tactically. By looking into your target audience, this shall give insight into their characteristics: age, consuming behavior, which channel they use most and at what time, what type of content they prefer, tone, style,, etc. All of these and other factors would determine the branding of your company.

    Yet, I like your concern to deliver good customer service. But I am not sure if your customers are only local or international, because this should be taken into consideration too in communication through social media. Cultural differences is something to care about.

    I join your efforts in taking this course, because my aim as well is to increase my skills in social media and be self-employed, eventually.

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