COM0015 Blog 1: Tools & Sources

A two-display monitor setup with video editing software on a busy desk

Photo by João Silas on Unsplash

These courses have encouraged me to write blogs, create a website for myself and join different social media platforms. As a result of this (and with partial thanks to my job!) I’ve been enjoying using Twitter; learning about trends and building communities.  The analytics tools are useful for professional use to analyze our interactions and help determine which hashtags are successful in helping us promote our programs and events. We also utilize Hootsuite which helps us manage posts across multiple platforms, but it has its limitations so is not one of my favourites.

The other platform I spend too much time on I’ve also spoken about before – YouTube. The variety, ease of finding videos per topic/publisher (etc.) and accessibility features such as closed captioning options make it a platform that is reachable to almost everyone.  Although I’m not currently a creator of content for this platform, it seems to be relatively easy for users to create a channel, load videos and add appropriate keywords to be found by their audiences.  I like that YouTube also allows for creators to monetize their content/channels and use advertising if they choose.

For news and other updates, I always use the Google news feed on my phone, but I also follow local news, weather and the Ottawa police for local updates on Twitter.  Other news I like to follow these days is Philip Defranco on YouTube because he and his team like to wait to get the story right and present it in a way to discuss the facts, provide an interpretation (as needed) yet always open for further interpretation. For work I follow various sources through social media and have also signed up for various news feeds via email in attempt to stay current and inform myself of new technologies and trends.

What platform do you think I should check out next?

2 thoughts on “COM0015 Blog 1: Tools & Sources

  1. Hi Tia isn’t this new world sometimes overwhelming? I’ve signed up to try so many things over the past year, my inbox is often bursting! I don’t want to delete an email that may have a new source or news that I think I need to know. A new way that I’ve been trying to stay on top is listening to podcasts. One that I find I always enjoy is that from the Social Media Examiner. He always has interesting guests and during the opening has someone on that has found a new app that is interesting. You’ve got me looking for great content on Youtube so thank you for showing me that there is A LOT of content on that platform.

  2. Hi Chris – so true, it sure can be overwhelming at times! With my job I’ve signed up for so many news updates I can’t keep up with them all! I end up reading the most important, then saving others ‘for later’…
    Thanks for the suggestion to check out Social Media Examiner – I definitely need to get more into Podcasts on other platforms – I do listen/watch a few of them though!
    Let me know if you find anyone you particularly like on YouTube!

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