Blo Post 1: Tools and Sources

Tools and Sources


One thing that I’ve discovered over the journey of this Social Media program is that you really need to just dive in and try many of monitoring and listening tools out there.  The amount of information on the webs overwhelming, so learning how to set up your tools to pull the information for you is the only way to stay on top of things.  I even found that over the duration of the past 4 courses, the volume of email I get is incredible as I’ve used my email to try their product, and therefore I get on their mailing list.  I find that this in itself is a great listening tool to monitor their products and what’s new within the platform.

Listening and Monitoring Tools

Although there are many out there to use, I have found that Social Media Examiner is a great source.  I subscribed to their emails and often visit their website.  They have posted their Top 14 Social Media listening Tools.  I have investigated most of these and have implemented  some of them to help me in both my journey of learning more about social media and for projects in myth courses.

I did have the raw RSS feed and once I discovered Feedly, this was a true game changer for keeping on all the social media news and blogs.  Here, Feedly has information set up in an easy to follow, visually attractive set up by far.


In the course Monitoring and Measurement, I used the opportunity to learn how to use Supermetrics and integrating into the Google platform.  In developing this, it provided up to the minute statistics of whatever social media platforms I wanted to monitor.  It was a fairly large undertaking  to set up and learn, but once it’s set up, it is literally a simple date change and all the new statics are updated into whatever graph format you have decided to use.  In addition, within the platform you can pull pretty much whatever information you want.  Likes, shares, retweets, comments and so much more.  I have also built my own website for my blog.  Within the program I use, I paid for Monster Insights. This brings all the information within my social media platforms right to my site.

I still use Tweetdeck as my go to for Twitter.  I moderate 3 accounts and find that Twitter has so much going on, that I personally require a totally separate tool to keep me up to speed on my hashtags, keywords and notifications.  I still not 100% comfortable o this platform, but what I have learned is to just keep tweeting and that’s how you learn.  I recently just downloaded an app to my phone called Image Size that perfectly lines up your image for posting.  So many times my image was missing peoples heads and only showed properly if you opened the tweet, which is not typically what people do on Twitter.

So my development is ever growing as I explore more and more tools.  I do listen to the Social Media Examiner podcast, which I find is very topical and also introduces a new “find” each week. I think that my dashboard is developed to where I am personally as I learn more about being a social media marketer.  I have started to help a few young entrepreneurs in their social media and I feel that my platform will have to further grow as I take on paying clients in my future career.


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