Do People Know Your Story?

What about your childhood shaped you for this moment?

I’ve always been a planner, probably longer than I knew what I actually wanted to do with my life, which quite honestly wasn’t until well into my 20’s. But I did always know that I loved to plan ways to entertain people. And when recently asked what the first event I ever organized was I initially thought back to a number of shindigs and parties I threw for friends over the years, but my first true event, perhaps the one that started the spark, was “The Carnival” – I was eight.

Long summers were spent at the family cottage, and while I adore being in the water, I openly admit that I entirely lack the skills, or basic coordination to participate in most semi-athletic summer sports (hello broken ankle!). But I needed a way to pass my time, and more importantly I needed something to be passionate about- a project. Unlike myself, my cousins were extensively athletically talented, and to top it off great singers too – a cash cow thought my little mind. Because hey if you can’t beat ‘em use them to make money.

We organized a Cirque du Soleil style event featuring the singing gymnast and her harmonizing strongman, the daredevil and a flatulent contortionist. We made banners, and posters, built a plywood concession stand and marketed the event as aggressively as a group of children on a shoestring budget could.

And it worked! The turn out was to us tremendous, not only our families, but a dozen members of the community turned up as well. The hours of rigorous practise that we put into reciting the show, paid off and in our minds we were as good as Ringling Brothers. And we made enough money to buy a new inner tube (because it is a cottage essential even for the athletically uncoordinated).

The event became a summer traditions, some years with the planning beginning before the snow even melted. And while we eventually our love of belting out show tunes while preforming backflips, it will always be a truly amazing memory, even if I am sometimes remembered as the over-zealous show director.

And that was it, the moment in my childhood shaped my path, and thanks to all of the people who’ve supported me, (put up with my rigorous rehearsal schedules) led me into a career I love.

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