Do People Know Your Story

Blog 6:  Do People Know Your Story

The question I’ve decided to answer is:  “What is the greatest challenge my business must overcome?”

In the world of volunteering, every organization does face a variety of challenges.  Some of these can include an over-dependance on them, dealing with a multitude of age groups and talents, people with varying time to dedicate, matching skill sets plus a plethora of other hurdles.

In my organization of the Lifesaving Society, we do have one advantage.  We are an organization that is based on those who volunteer’s passion: Drowning Prevention.  Within the organization, we try to reduce drownings through a variety of programs.  We teach swim and certification courses that requires people in the field to pilot programs and to mange people delivering the programs.  We have a branch that is dedicated to sport and this is the only sport that has a humanitarian background, and gives those who love sport an opportunity to volunteer to run competitions.  We also have a whole group who run fundraising for the society.  A good example of this is, in the upcoming 2 weeks we will be running a 2 week event, completely run by volunteers in Ottawa, that we hope to raise over $5000.00 for drowning prevention.  There’s much more, but I will focus my final initiative, Public Education.  Without this group of volunteers, without whom we would not be reaching our most vulnerable populations.  With my team, we spear head programs for Indigenous peoples, New Canadians, remote populations and advocating for all school aged children to receive swimming lessons through the schools.

So, our specific challenge is, that those of us who volunteer, are also working full time in aquatics.  What this specifically means is that National Drowning Prevention Week is July 15th to the 21st.  This is when we see the most drownings in Canada so w4e do many media events, run community events and try to be very active on social media.  What the challenge is, is that we who also work full time in the industry, have many of of work mates taking holidays and but also have the most people in our pools during this time.

How we solve it?  How many organizations do-we just work hard, pulling double time hoping that we don’t hear those catastrophic stories of someone losing their life to a completely preventable accident.

Have a safe a wonderful summer on and around the water!


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