What’s My Story?

If you’ve read any of my previous blog posts, you know that my current job (and for the sake of this post, business) is a volleyball player. In this case me, as a whole, is my business. I market myself to others in hopes they will pay me for what I have to offer- my volleyball skills. In the article, Jantsch asks “what is your biggest achievement/disappointment?” and for me, the answer is the same for both circumstances.


The “Bratty Teenager” volleyball days (2010)

Ever since I was a bratty little teenager and started to realize I was good at volleyball, I wanted to play at the CIS (now USports) level. When I accomplished this, I wanted to play professional volleyball. Basically, I had blinders on and I wanted the road ahead to be solely about volleyball. I was able to accomplish this last year and was finally able to call myself a professional athlete! Though I am so proud (and perhaps it boosts my ego just a teeny tiny bit) it certainly did not come without its fair share of disappointments.

Once I moved half way across the earth to pursue my new professional career I concluded something very quickly- this life isn’t for me. I didn’t enjoy the city I was living in, I didn’t quite like the coach who didn’t speak a lick of English (that’s a whole other story), and as a result of these disappointments my game suffered hugely. The first four months were the hardest months of my life and I heavily considered quitting and coming back home after the first half of the season. I battled it out, and I am so happy I did as it go SO much better, with a little help from a new head coach (who spoke English, hallelujah).

All in all, my greatest achievement to this day came with a bumpy road of challenges and enough disappointments to last me for the next couple years. I’m not sure what the next year has in store for me, but whatever it may hold I’m proud to say that last year I accomplished what I always wanted to.

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