COM0014 Blog #5 Personal Brand

Working in an industry, like events and hospitality, which require the development of solid relationships with both customers and suppliers alike, I feel that I have been fortunate to have been able to connect strongly with those in the industry. I think that is is essential to build a strong customer base, not by thinking of potential clients as potential dollars but rather by generating personal relationships with each one; getting to know each event participant – their likes, dislikes, what style of event they enjoy, remembering details they have shared can help to build repeat customership.

I feel that something I bring to the table, that sets me apart from, not necessarily competition but others in the field, is my ability to connect deeply with both my customer base, as well as partners in our event programming. This has allowed me to build the program network, and increase our overall customer satisfaction.

In the past year, our corporate office has begun changes to the event program marketing which as deeply impacted the program, and overall has proven as disappointing to many of our customers. Something I feel particularly proud of, while unable to reverse many of these changes, has been my commitment to customer satisfaction and ability to deescalate situations which could have resulted in losing long term customers. I think that it is essential to communicate openly, and sympathetically, and ensure that teach customer know they are individually valued, which I think has been a tremendous key to my personal success in my position.

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