Social Media: 3 Steps to Protect Your Brand

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I, as well as many of you have read the latest social media backlash that took place on Friday.  Sarah Saunders, Press Secretary for the White House was asked to leave a restaurant in Virginia when dining with her husband and children.  Ok, not so cool.  Everyone should be allowed to eat where they prefer, regardless of where or who they work for.  I actually felt bad for this incident and thought of how humiliating it must have been for the whole family.

Then, more news on this incident over the weekend when the President of the United States, decided to tweet about the incident and attack the restaurant in such an unprofessional way.  Something a President should never do! What a shameful an act!

It turns out there are several “Red Hen” restaurants in the US that are unaffiliated with the restaurant where the incident took place. These establishments have since received negative feedback, acts of vandalism and threats to the owners and staff.

This rhetoric has even reached as far as Canada. A restaurant with a similar name called the “Olde Red Hen”  in Collingwood Ontario.  Their Facebook page has been inundated with negative posts from people in the US mistakenly associating this restaurant to be, that of the Virginia location.

The owner of this restaurant was quick to post on social media that the comments being seen by her fans were inaccurate.  The people posting were simply mislead to her page due to improper research or no research at all. This has lead prominent social media platforms to temporarily suspend “comment” and “review” sections.

In my views, I can only see this as a positive event for this Canadian restaurant and I am hopefully this will bring in new customers.  But this shows how quickly an incident can destroy someone’s brand, hard work and presence in their community.  The Olde Red Hen clearly has some very loyal customers and many people on both sides of the borders were quick to come to its defence.

Here are 3 steps to help project your Brand:

  1. Always respond quickly to posts

As we have read in this article, the owner of the Restaurant was quick to get to the bottom of the problem. She was able to reassure her patrons that these comments were unsubstantiated and directed at the “Red Hen” in the US.

  1. Know how to determine a troll verses a dissatisfied customer

The owner of this restaurant knew that the sudden backlash and several notifications coming to her, were not that of dissatisfied customers.  Having done her research, she was able to determine what the root cause of this incident was. A simple case of mistaken identity.

  1. Actively monitor your social media community.

By having the social media notifications to come through her phone, it allowed her to act quickly. Effectively responding to this social media crisis with dignity and grace. She not only responded to the negativity in a professional manner, she asked them politely to remove their negative posts and advised they had been in error.

Our businesses are at risk every minute of the day on social media platforms and it is up to us to apply effective methods to protect our brands.  What methods do you use to effectively protect your brand?  Would you have done anything differently to save your business brand?



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