Getting out from behind the screen


In the early 80’s being a child meant you could watch television till noon on Saturdays and then go outside to play as nothing would be good on TV until Sunday night when the Disney movie would start on CBC.

Your days would be spent outside with friends or alone and your only social tool was the land line you could not monopolize, or your dad would pull the plug. Bullying was in the school yard or on the bus and you would post pictures to your bedroom wall.

Today many children are unfit due to reduced gym time in schools, less physical activity at home with the family and increased time in front of their screens. Many of them do not know how to have a face to face conversation and would rather be playing video games or chatting on snapchat instead of being outside in the sun.

According to Emily Price’s article Childhood Obesity rates have gone up considerably since 2013 and are still on the climb.

Now don’t get me wrong social media may be keeping some children in their rooms in the dark but some influential people have decided to use it to help fight childhood obesity and educate children and families on the importance of physical fitness.

In the United states, former First Lady Michelle Obama created the “ let’s Move” initiative.

Michelle Obama

WORKING TOGETHER: Our First Lady Michelle Obama talks with Joshua Wilkins-Waldron during an event at Winfield House in London, England.


In the following published article, Mrs. Obama mentions how now more than 1.6 million children are attending healthy daycares and over 30 million children are eating healthier in schools. 9 million children attend let’s move schools where they have 60 minutes of Physical activity per day.

Here in the Province of Quebec, An Iron man athlete and dedicated father Pierre Lavoie, created Legdpl after loosing two of his children to a rare hereditary disorder called Lactic Acidosis.

defi pierre Lavoie

In over 10 years he has created a brand well known within his province and country. He has over 85k Facebook followers, his yearly 1000km bike challenge has over 15k views on YouTube and schools across the province have connected to get active, collect energy cubes and teach children about physical wellness.

Social media can help you:

  • make friends,
  • stay connected,
  • find healthy recipes,
  • get motivated to stay fit,
  • connect to social groups
  • and share knowledge

Now its your turn to use what you pin, you read, you post and what you see to make a difference. How will you put social media to good use?


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Twitter: Getting out from behind the screen # socialmedia#healthy

One thought on “Getting out from behind the screen

  1. Using social media to get people outside is a winning strategy no matter how you look at it – There are many places out there to be discovered and the more awareness people have of these the more bound they are to protect them. Social media can tip the scales!

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