Find Your Audience via Instagram


Saturday, M. (2013, May 2)

As a photographer, likely one of your goals is to gain an audience for your work. The Internet allows you the opportunity to do that on worldwide scale. The challenge is finding the best way to find that audience. For a long time sites like Flickr, Smugmug and 500px were popular with photographers but now they are looking to Instagram.

It’s easy to see why photographer’s are making the move to Instagram. Instagram is rated the world’s 14th most popular site according to Alexa.


Alexa (2018, June 24)

Here are some things to consider as to whether or not Instagram is a good option for your photographs.

Pros for using Instagram

  • Only social media application that is specifically designed for photos.
  • Instant feedback on your photo!
  • Great place to get inspired and to inspire.
  • Can target your audience through hashtags.
  • More likely to get your photographs discovered / noticed than on sites such Flickr or 500px.
  • Don’t need a large number of followers to have an impact.
  • Fastest growing social media platform.
  • Doesn’t limit the reach of your photo unlike Facebook which will only let 400 people see your post.
  • Don’t need a smart phone or iPad to post photographs, although it makes it easier.
  • Potential of getting clients depending on how you want to use it.

Cons for using Instagram

  • People can “steal” your photographs.
  • Privacy setting is set at the account level and not per photo.
  • You cannot arrange or group photos together. They display in the order that they are posted.
  • You need to post consistently to gain / maintain followers.

Is Instagram the right platform for your photography?

social-facebook-box-blue-icon Is Instagram right for you?

Twitter_icon Find an audience for your photographs via Instagram.


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5 thoughts on “Find Your Audience via Instagram

  1. I don’t know to much about Instagram so I found this helpful. I am cautious about it because, as you say, people can steal your photos and I as a parent, I have safety concerns. Still, it’s something I do need to understand as it seems very popular!

  2. Instagram tries to deter photo theft by making it difficult (not impossible) to save images that users have uploaded. As an avid Insta user, I try to use watermarks on the photos I upload (at least to my business page). I never really thought that my personal page would have photos worth stealing haha

    • I’m curious, do you use your website as your watermark? If not, it would be another way to direct traffic to your site if someone does end up using the photo somewhere else.

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