Dogs & Cupcakes


The best part of social media on the internet and Facebook and Instagram is dog memes and funny posts. The Good Advice Cupcake on Instagram is one my new favorites. The news is filled with drama, politics, idiots and sadness. I am tired of it all, its depressing. I refuse to watch anymore, I am taking a break!

So dogs and cupcakes it is!

A quick google search later and you have hundreds of hits. Videos, memes, vines, articles, blog posts of silly dogs (or other animals) being silly or made fun of on the internet.


I think the funniest video I have seen is The Good Advice Cupcake take on life, you can watch it here. If you are easily offended by the word f***, don’t watch it. You will totally be missing out though. hahaha. It’s meant to be funny and tells you not to care so much.

With all the hustle and bustle, our lives are so busy and stressful. We really need to take time to stop and smell the roses or watch funny cupcakes or look at dogs being silly. But really why not just get your own dog and take him for a walk and make your own memes?

Incase you don’t have your own dog and need to brighten up your day here is a link to some Funny Dog Memes for Canine Lovers.

Don’t forget to let me know what you think of the cupcake video! HAHAHA

Facebook: Dogs & Cupcakes Rule!

Instagram: #dogsrule #yummycupcakeadvice

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