Has Social Media Spooked You?

The power of social media can have quite the impact on what you decide to do in your life.  Have we become isolated due to what information is being portrayed to us? 

Earlier this year when planning our winter vacation, there were several news articles that certainly made me uncomfortable with the thought of travelling.  After searching for the best vacation deals down south, my husband and I decided on 2 best locations that we wanted to visit.  We had our hearts set on a sunny destination.  We had two beautiful resorts chosen, one in Mexico and the other in Jamaica. Since I had never been to Jamaica,  we decided that would be the perfect location for our next getaway. 

Days before we were ready to book our trip.  We saw breaking news all over twitter advising travellers to exercise extreme caution when travelling to the area of Montego Bay, Jamaica due to high violence and crime.  You can read that article here: https://bit.ly/2ME1YDQ

This being our destination of choice, we had to make a quick decision, either ignore these social media posts and go on with our plans, or choose the resort in Mexico.  Since we had been to Mexico before, and new somewhat of the area of where we would be, we made our decision. We were so happy to have finally booked our vacation and planned to leave in March 2018 right after March break.   We had one month to go before being on our way to the sunny beach and beautiful palm trees, and lets not forget the unlimited food and beverages, Yes please!!

A few days after booking this trip we heard the devastating news of the bombing on the ferry in Playa Del Carmen.  Thankfully no life-threatening injuries but still so scary.  The details to that event can be read here: https://bit.ly/2ypy57e

This was minutes away from where we were going to be and I was quite frightened at the thought of going there.  I no longer was as excited to leave and knew cancelling our trip was out of the question.  The fear of social media took over me and I wanted to become a hermit.

Well guess what? ! I’m here!  I travelled to Mexico, I explored, I even went into Play Del Carmen and visited the site where the bombing took place and I survived!  The vacation was absolutely amazing and I felt completely safe the entire time I was there. 



Sometimes, don’t you think we might take these social media articles a little too seriously and let it run our lives?   I feel it is best to do what you think feels right and sometimes a little risk is worth taking. We all need time to disconnect and free ourselves from the world around us.

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3 thoughts on “Has Social Media Spooked You?

  1. Hi,
    Social Media is certainly a fast way to get the word out on incidents that have occurred and can taint your impressions of people and places. I guess you have to do your research to know how serious an issue is and look at more than one platform.

    Social Media has become so powerful that it can impact a resort destinations economy or ruin a career very quickly. Glad you had a good vacation!

  2. I agree. I have read articles where police were asking people when coming upon an accident scene to not take pictures and post on social media as they still had to contact the family of the involved victim. How would you like to find out on social media a loved one was in an accident before being notified by the police? The Evening News is competing with social media posts as to how gruesome the videos can be. I makes people afraid.

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