Blog 4: B2C Case Study


In this case study, there are 2 businesses using Twitter to engage with their audience together.  In the Netflix series, Stranger Things, one of the sci-fi characters named 11, steals frozen Eggs waffles in what turned out to be an episode favourite.  

In the scene of 11 shoplifting 4 boxes of Eggo’s was by viewers to be an iconic part of the show.  11 grabs the Eggo’s and store manager is trying to stop her but she uses her powers to block the doors from opening and she walks away wit them.  What this did for Eggo was to revive the love for Eggo’s as a breakfast favourite.  This was driven straight from viewers as Eggo claims that they had no idea that they were featured in Season 1.

Both the franchise Stranger Things and Eggo’s launched a very successful twitter campaign with many fun posts like the one featured above.  They wrote everything upside down in this post, as was one of the things that was featured in the Sci-fi series often in Season 1.

To launch Season 2, there was a surprise Super Bowl commercial.  As an one knows some of us tune in for the game and some of us simply want to see the ads!  Here, Eggo’s showed the beginning of an ad from back in the 80’s which then flipped to the sneak peak to Season 2.  This was genius in the approach to resonate with those of us who loved them back in the 80’s, those who love the show and then to attract young watchers of the series to try Eggo’s as part of their breakfast routine.

So a very successful Twitter campaign that was actually created by viewers of Stranger Things!  Great opportunity seized by both the series and the Eggo company.

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