COM0014 Blog 4: Do Me a Flavour


Unfortunately for my waistline, I love sweet and salty stuff.   I’m always looking for a new chip flavour—the more exotic the better.  That’s why the Lay’s chips “Do Me a Flavor” campaign is so successful. In 2012, Lay’s launched a contest where consumers could contribute ideas for new flavours.  Ideas (name, type of chip and up to 3 flavours) were submitted through various social media platforms—Facebook. Twitter, text or YouTube.  Votes are tallied through the various platforms and the top 4 flavours are created for customers to try.

Engaging with your customers and asking them to help create a new product is a great way to keep your customers coming back.  First stage—suggest a flavour.  Second, get them to come back to vote.  Third, get them to taste test all the flavours and vote again. The creator of the flavour wins $1 million.  Also, the company was able to outsource R&D work to customers—which reduces cost and time to develop a product .  Whether the campaign is successful would depend on if the winning flavours have staying power.

2 Lays_4_floavours.jpg

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