COM0014: Blog 3 Target Audiences

I thought that this week’s topic was very interesting, as I am dealing with a bit of a digital marketing disaster at work at the moment. As I mentioned in my bio I work in special events for a very large company. While the event department itself is fairly small, it still holds (at least I feel) a tremendous part in separating us for our competition, particularly in terms of superiors hospitality. For the past many years one aspect of the event program was marketed via printed brochure, which was distributed both in store and via mailing list. This was incredibly lucrative as it met the needs of the target market (high income individuals and couples between the ages of 50-75). While this form of marketing was quite effective it was also costly and it was determined in the past year that the guide would be moved online to save the cost of printing and mailing. In expressing my concern that the online marketing would not meet the needs of our target market, I was told that we would also be trying to reach a younger market as well. The online brochure launched alongside a quarterly email to remind customers of the programs available.

Within six months sales to the program declined dramatically. The B2C marketing which could have potentially reach the intended target market, was ultimately too infrequent to keep the program at the front of customer’s minds. The marketing attempts to reach a potentially younger market seemed to ignore the fact that programs offered were often out of the attainable price point for those who were being reached via social media.

While this is a bit of a ‘worse case’ scenario, I think it is a really interesting way to examine what happens when B2C marketing isn’t focused on the correct target market, and also the importance of listening and consistency.

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