Blog 2: Storytelling and Communication Styles

In consideration that I am a writing personal blog versus a technical corporate approach, I believe the most important thing that I have learned is to know my audience.  I see that, perhaps what I find interesting and news worthy, may not be interesting to my audience unless I write it to intrigue their interest.

Opening the post with the newsworthy topic is what will catch the readers attention.  Opening with and interesting fact or statistic will be what brings the eye to continue reading, but I also agree that breaking up a post into bullets and sub headings  to allow the reader to skim through and decide to read on. 

Once your subject is clearly expressed and subtitles outlined, you need to get in a write your story.  Story telling is as old as time and we have done this in many forms over time, but what is similar to all, is that it is told from a personal perspective.  Readers love to be told a story that comes from the readers perspective and draws you in using your intuition. Blogging is a short story version, but can easily have pictures and links to bring you into a much deeper world.

What is critical in writing is to ensure that the flow is easy to follow.  As a writer, I find a great habit is to write without stopping or worrying about grammar and spelling. Then take a break and come back to re-read, correct, and revise for flow.  A new practice that I will incorporate that I was not doing previously, is to read it out loud.

As you can see but my focus image, there is a comma.  This has been one of the most difficult pieces to get right.  At first, I never used commas.  Then, I was throwing them in where I felt needed.  Now, with practicing reading out loud, perhaps now I will add them where they naturally should go.

In my blog, I enjoy ending with a question or call to action to include the reader in the blog and asking them their opinion and perspective.  Now that I have written a few blogs, I have gotten into a recommended practice or reviewing older posts to see how my writing has changed and hopefully improved!

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