Storytelling 101

There’s more to telling stories than just recalling it, apparently. This was the biggest thing brought to my attention during this weeks learning. As a previous psychology student, the writing I did was a much different experience compared to digital communication. It was done to present facts and research and essentially to prove a point. It needed to be convincing, where blogging needs to be captivating.

The biggest thing that will take some getting used to is using the active voice, versus the passive that I am so used to in research-based writing. Those of you who have experience in writing or reading research papers know that the presentation of facts is definitely a more boring read than a blog (it was also much more boring to write), and it takes a very special person to stay focused throughout an entire research paper. Of course, using this voice in your blog makes total sense upon learning, but is not something that I would have picked up on my own and hopefully it will become instinct quickly.

The other thing that stuck out to me was the inverted triangle. In my previous writing, your best information was presented at the end of your incredibly long research paper (if you even made it to the end). This was because this was said to be the most memorable part of your paper. In digital story-telling, the beginning is the most crucial piece! To keep people reading, you need to pull them in right at the start and therefore need to make sure your first paragraph is interesting and inviting. I will definitely need to transition from ending with a bang to starting with it.

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