My Kardashian chicks!

A few months ago, on my way in to work I heard a reporter talk about a study done in the United States, where they discovered that many Americans today do not know where their food comes from.

The following article is a prime example:

“The surprising number of American adults who think chocolate milk comes from brown cows” By Caitlin Dewey June 15, 2017,retrieved from :

When discussing this article with my spouse, we realised it was time to teach our children where their food comes from and to give them some new responsibilities. Having just purchased a home in the country to get away from the busy streets and noise, we decided to get some chickens.

We are both city kids who have never lived on farm and know nothing about these curious little creatures…but it is never too late to learn.

Do we buy or build a coop

Pinterest is always a great place to start, you can find everything from how to build from scratch to how to convert an old shed into a fancy coop. But do you have the building knowhow? Do you have the time to build or do you have the budget to buy one that is suited for your needs?

We opted for the buy…

Using the help of Google, we searched the web for a place to purchase a chicken coop and found . This small, local and family owned business has a website with videos showing their products. The coops are made by hand the owner, his wife and their children. Easy to clean and safe from predators. Our chickens are now in their Fancy home.


Do you name your chickens?

The answer for us was yes, after discussing with our children they decided these fancy chickens deserved some high-profile names so they were baptized our Kardashian Chicks: Khloé, Kim and Kourtney.


How to learn more about raising chickens

With the help of a blog on hens and a local chicken farmer ,we are now getting 2 dozen fresh eggs every week.

Here are a few 5 facts you may not know about chickens:

  • You do not need a rooster for your chickens to lay eggs
  • Chickens are very social
  • Chickens can lay eggs without shells or membranes
  • A hen can lay more than 300 eggs per year
  • Fresh eggs can be left on your counter for 2 months before you need to refrigerate them


The experience is enriching and has been beneficial for our family. Its has now been a month and we are all loving it. Would you try this social experiment with your family?



Twitter: My Kardashian chicks! Teaching my children where food comes from #fresheggs 

Facebook: My Kardashian chicks! Teaching my children where food comes from

2 thoughts on “My Kardashian chicks!

  1. Such an interesting read! Your article demonstrates just how useful and helpful social media and really, the internet in general, has really become in this day and age – especially for a first-time chicken owner 🙂 I also love how they’re named after the Kardashians! Thanks for sharing.

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