Blog Post #1 Facebook Scandal

The Facebook privacy scandal sent shocks around the world with everyone worried about their personal information being seen. Below will be a breakdown of some scandal specifics, what Facebook has done, as well as an opinion by yours truly. All the information below is based on an article by CTV news, and I encourage you to look for more information, the link is posted at the bottom of the page as well as a poll on your opinion.

Scandal Specifics

The Facebook scandal took place on March 17th, where 87 million Facebook accounts might have been accessed which is up from 50 million in previous reports. It has been said by Facebook that up to 2.2 billion people might have had their information scraped by malevolent actors. Since then Facebook’s stock has dropped an increasing amount by about 14%, taking a big hit on the company.

What’s Being Done

Currently, Facebook has released a statement saying that a new privacy policy will be put into place. This should allow users to see what information exactly the new app you want to have is accessing.

My Opinion 

Honestly, there isn’t much more Facebook could have done. Something happened, and they fixed the problem, it’s that simple. The fact that people’s information got hacked can happen anywhere at any time. You go online and put in all this information everywhere to make accounts on 20 different sites for social media or business or even leisure. Putting in your information on the web is your choice and once it’s up there once it’s up there for good. Facebook won’t see much change and it won’t be the end of the site because everyone uses it and it has too much of an impact on communication in today’s society.

After the latest Facebook scandal do you believe that this is it for Facebook? Answer the Poll below!

2 thoughts on “Blog Post #1 Facebook Scandal

  1. Hi Cole,

    I agree that this probably isn’t the end of Facebook but disagree that they couldn’t have prevented it. It sounds like Facebook was aware that the data could be used this way but it was financially beneficial for them to look the other way. Facebook only became remorseful when they got caught.

    It’s interesting the number of sites that have sent me emails about their privacy policies being updated since news of this came out.


  2. Great post. I watched Zuckerberg before the house and it seemed to me like he was blaming the users. Sad.

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