What I did on my last vacation.


When given this assignment, I was quite excited as I’ve been blessed with much travel in my life.  But, my last vacation was to a training camp for the sport that I have competed in for the past 15 years.  It’s called Lifesaving Sport, and is the only sport in the world that has a humanitarian aspect to it.  There are some pool and ocean simulated rescue events.  Above are 2 pieces of equipment we use to compete in the ocean.  The first is a paddle board which is longer than a surf board and only as wide as your knelt position.  The other is a surf ski, designed to break through surf with its duck-billed nose.  It’s about 19 feet long and you sit on it verses in it, so it is very unstable, but effective for getting through waves quickly.

I had been out of the sport for a few years, but was really excited to travel with the team to Florida for a 16 day training camp.  We normally get up, go for a 5 kilometre run, back for breakfast and then pack up for a session at the local 50 metre pool.  Back for lunch, rest and then off to the beach for surf training.  Although we are masters and all done at your own pace, I quickly remembered how exhausting this pace was.  Our first day was not long or structured, just get back into the waves and play.  It was day 2 that I ran into problems.  First is was the sighting of 3 sharks, but that’s a story all not itself.  What really set me back was that I thoroughly applied sunblock, but forgot the top of my feet.  They got so burnt that I had to have ice packs on them and take Advil for why fever.

After sitting out 2 full days of training, I got lonely.  I was talking to my daughter on the phone and Ottawa had just received one of our infamous 20 centimetre snow falls.  She has been tagging along my training camps for years and this was the first time she didn’t come.  As I felt bad that I was away and her not with her usual trek to our camps I said, “Come to Florida!”  From that statement, she was at the house in Vero Beach within 14 hours.  Coach and I had to drive to Orlando at midnight to pick her up but this made this my best vacation ever!

Below is my post on social media made at about 2am!


Have you ever had an exciting change of plans to a vacation?

2 thoughts on “What I did on my last vacation.

  1. Thanks for sharing, Chris and introducing a lesser-known sport to us. It sounds awesome actually – I really like the humanitarian side to it.
    That’s perfect your daughter was able to make it out to Florida to keep up with the tradition too!

    My vacations are just about always visiting family so there’s always something changing. Some of my closest cousins have been starting families the past few years, so it’s nice when they have the summers off with maternity leave because I get to see them more often!

  2. Never in my life have I heard of this sport, but you’ve definitely got me intrigued! Not to compete (the 5k run halted any interest I had) but I’d love to know more as to what it’s all about. Seemed like an amazing getaway, especially with the late addition of your daughter 🙂

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