Social Media Accountability and Doing Nothing on Purpose

It was last summer when I first realised how pathetic my life had become. Not pathetic in the sense of sadness, or desperation – I was a new mom, and my life by all common sense was very fulfilled – but pathetic in the sense that I…wasn’t doing much. My life consisted of diaper changes, feedings, and more diaper changes and more feedings, and of course my exciting weekly outing to baby-and-me yoga where I talked to other moms about diaper changes and feedings. I decided that I needed something else in my life.

I needed a hobby.

I have never been a fan of doing things without monetary purpose. I have worked, and made money from working, since I was 13-years old, stuffing flyers in people’s mailboxes even though homeowners didn’t want me to. I played sports a bit in high school, and sure, I crafted and created and built little projects here and there, but I never picked up a needle and thread, or figure skates, or banjo (thank god) just for the sake of it. I never did an activity, outside of watching TV or reading, which was purely about the enjoyment of that specific activity.

With this realisation, and at the insistence of my hobby-loving husband, I decided to embark on a search for the perfect hobby for me. I started by searching around the internet, delving into the history of hobbies, leisure, and the art of “doing nothing”. It all seemed so bizarre and pointless. But then I started reading about famous people’s hobbies. People like billionaire businessman Warren Buffett, a man who is synonymous with monetary success, but who also apparently is an amateur ukulele player?


As I fell deeper into the well of research, I began to understand the draw of pleasurable pursuits a bit more.

Despite this encouragement, and knowing myself as an adept procrastinator/talker/lazy type, I knew instinctively that if I did not create a sense of accountability for myself for this hobby project, that I would not be successful. Therefore, to create a sense of responsibility, I decided to document my search for a hobby on Instagram.

By using Social Media to reach out to others, and to inform others about what I was doing, I was essentially creating an audience. By creating an audience, I was encouraging myself to stay accountable on the project.

I am several weeks into the project now (which I have named Hobby Harpy), and so far this system has worked! I am buoyed by the support of my audience, mostly friends/family, and also spurred on by the additional support of like-minded experts in the field.

My first hobby project is container vegetable gardening – a fun one for the spring/summer season. I hope you’ll check it out HERE. My swiss chard just sprouted! Plus check out my “Rude Barb” (rhubarb) plant!


Do you have any special hobbies or leisure activities that you love to do? What is it that you love about it? Have you read any books on the topic of leisure or hobbies? I love new research materials, so please pass them along in the comments.


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4 thoughts on “Social Media Accountability and Doing Nothing on Purpose

  1. I loved reading your blog, how honest, how are your hobbies going? The container vegetable garden is so rewarding. When my daughter finished high school, she wanted to grow vegetables. She was not sure what to grow at the time and with the ease and access of the internet and Pinterest she found her first vegetables carrots. The following year she expanded and grew sugar snap pea’s and beans and well this year I think it’s going to be cucumbers and tomatoes. Each year it expands. We benefit from the yummy vegetables and laugh at the ones that were not so successful in the growth.

    I hope you have fun and laughter like we do in this process.

    Sheri Proulx

  2. Hi Kim,

    I took a looked at your Instagram site and had a good laugh. I like that you consider it important to name your vegetables. I am however concerned it might be harder to eat them given you have such a personal relationship. ;-p

    Two hobbies that I have are;
    1. Geocaching – which uses expensive satellite technology to find tupperware hidden in plain sight.
    2. Photography – which can be combined with hobby one since some caches are located in very scenic locations.


  3. Hi K (aka Hobby Harpy)! Your post is lovely — well written, engaging, and you’ve shared a solution to a common problem (a new mom looking for a creative outlet). I and many women can relate to what you’re saying here. My “hobby” is blogging, but recently I’ve been trying to get offline so we too started a veggie garden. I love your idea of naming your plants ! I haven’t used Instagram yet — but I know many people who use it successfully to find their community. Good luck with the garden! Cheers, Anne

  4. Hi K!
    Life certainly does change after your first baby. It’s not only your responsibilities but your schedule! Now, instead of making plans to go out with friends, your joining mommy groups and your up after midnight because someone is hungry not because the music was so great!
    I too enjoy gardening. It’s not only the accomplishment of growing so many delicious veggies, it’s the fact that my kids can pick and eat them right off the vine! I think it has a lot to do with the fact that my kids are much less picky eaters than many of their (gardenless) friends!

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