Prime motto – Hook Users


Social media is emerging as the modern addiction to the human’s life. Every social web company has made the users addicted. I wonder how these companies, producing bits of code and graphics displayed on a user screen, can seemingly control users’ minds! There are infinite distractions to catch our attention and keep us busy in their own applications. These companies get users to cue themselves to action by attaching their services to the users’ daily routines and emotions. These works on first-to-mind; when a person thinks that he is bored and suddenly Facebook comes to his mind; this is first-to mind strategy. More broadly, it’s all the Hook Model.


They are considered as the spark plug of this model. It is basically actuator of behaviour. There are normally two types of triggers: internal and external. Habit-forming companies start with the external triggers such as email notification, or a link in the website, or an app on the phone. Continuing this process, the users are hooked up with the internal triggers which further attach to their behaviour or emotions. Gradually, internal triggers become part of the daily routine and ends up as the habit.


Action is the next phase after triggers. Here the motivation of the user is raised which gives interest to the user in using more of such technologies. These actions are designed more appropriately by studying various behavioural science of human. This indirectly increases the usability of the website or application and the intended action is fulfilled.


The one that separates Hook model and the simple feedback loop model is the ability to create desires in the user. The predictable response will not entertain the most and fails to create the desire for that thing. For example, if the light of the fridge turns on whenever you open it; will not make you feel different but a variable output, but say a different treat magically comes when you open the fridge will make you more carving and eager to open the fridge. Variable timings of receiving reward are one of the most powerful tools that social media companies use to hook users to their products. By introducing variability, it multiplies the effect and creates a state of enthusiastic hunting and activates the parts related to desire.


In this phase, the users are asked to do some work. The investment generally includes user to contribute some mixture of time, data, effort, social capital, or money. This phase has a goal to hook the users in the continuing loop of internal triggers which led the social media companies to profitable results.


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