Hijacking Brains

Sherry was an intelligent, loving and social girl. She was admired by everyone; always cheerful and happy playing with friends and making art pieces. Creative and enthusiastic. Charming and caring. One day in last winter holidays, everything suddenly changed. She has dropped all her hobbies. Everyone was unaware of the reason. Some predict as she might be taking drugs. Even her mother thinks that she might be suffering from any mental disease. Nobody knew what had happened to her. She was unrecognizable. She was actually hijacked by a strong thing – her iPhone. She was tied by the social media and its infinite power has turned her as an addict. Social media companies have deliberately designed their products to hack your brain so that people use to continue the usage of such technologies. They hire the best coders, designers and engineers to crack the logic and use several brain techniques and behavioural science to make their users engage to phones all the time. The only purpose of these applications that thrive in the economic market of the state is to induce our brains into a lifestyle that provides immediate satisfaction and, ultimately, exploits the weaknesses of our minds. Unfortunately, we are not achieving our goals and we have to worry about the long-term consequences of this habit in our society. Some studies have shown the damaging impact of social networks on mental health, anxiety and depression.

The globalized world in constant change has made us vulnerable to social connections. The primary principle of these companies is to create a ‘value’ based on our routine activities by monitoring the psychological behaviour, and covering it with the cover of an social value. This is nearly brain hijacking. Each publication (such as a tweet or a comment) predicts the social validity of the user. This intermittent variable compensation works like a slot machine, and is a key part of the play on our psychological vulnerability. Another hijacker used by the social platform is social reciprocity or tat-for-tat. The methodologies that these comapanies used are when someone sends you an image or message so you can feel an instant reaction to reply that. What we often see is the person stick to their mobile screens, experiencing a free fly in the social world, having immense fun in the form of ‘double-tapping hearts’ or ‘tapping like’ but, is this experience really free? Unfortunately, these applications aren’t free, these companies sell our information to advertisers, the more we are glued at our phone screens the more data they collect about us, and the more they can sell.

It can be clearly sir that our attention is their trade and our time is their profit. Without a doubt, we are at the forefront of this technological change. Each technology is characterized by a revolution in all forms of digital communications. We must not forget that these technological monopolies are here to make money. It is the only core of business and will do all that is necessary to maintain growth. Now is the time to demand a more ethical design and use of social media platforms as finally the data is ours.




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