Personal Reflection- Blog # 7

Why is storytelling is important in creating digital content

Storytelling in digital media helps put an empathetic human touch on a story making it more real and authentic. It helps create a less plastic or impersonal – personal brand. Storytelling and creating a unique style of writing can also help with developing a personal brand. This unique style will help you stand out and encourage more real and meaningful engagement.

How will my content be guided by a story?

Content will be guided by establishing who my audience is and trying to ascertain what they need or what they might want to follow or support me. Having a clear vision and mission and then creating a call to action to a target audience will also help guide my story.

What kind of stories do I want to tell?

I want to tell stories that help people share how their faith or involvement in a Faith community has made someone’s life better somehow. These can be stories that are inspiring or perhaps stories where their faith community helped overcome adversity in their lives. I want to tell stories about the struggles that refugees and their families have had over the years and how many communities of Faith were able to rally together and help them settle into a new life. I want to tell stories about how affirming and welcoming our faith community to individuals that identify as LGBTQ2 and how people who were once made to feel ashamed and discriminated against because are their sexual orientation can be welcomed and treated as an equal and respected. I want to inspire people to be better people by helping others!


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