Blog #7: Personal Reflection


Photo Credit: cohdra

The digital environment serves as such an incredible and powerful resource, with a limitless supply of information. However, due to the sheer volume of information available, especially when thanks to social media and blogs, everyone becomes a content creator, standing out can become difficult. Storytelling, a tradition practiced throughout the years, dating back to cavemen days, becomes the optimal solution to creating content in the digital realm. Storytelling enables content to stand out, cutting through digital noise and clutter through its ability to travel through both time and space, transmitting information instantaneously. Storytelling allows an individual or brand to develop and create an online voice, with storytelling enabling a brand to become “human” in a space where tone and personality can often be difficult to express otherwise.

The content I create will be guided by story in the unique way I choose to capture and relay an experience or piece of information — doing so in a way that encourages interaction between myself, the content creator, and the content consumer. My story will work to connect with my audience, aiming to create real and genuine relationships. The content I create will utilize a wide angle view to ensure the entire topic is accurately captured and portrayed allowing the audience to receive a full picture of the topic in discussion.

I want to tell stories that not only convey a message about my personal brand, but convey a message in a way that universally inspires, captivates, and motivates my target audience. I want to tell stories that infuse humour and lightheartedness into subject matters, and are so completely and irresistibly memorable that they will not easily be forgotten. I want the stories I tell to be heavily rooted within the brand that encompasses myself — my passion for personal finance, my love for the simplicity and beauty in nature, and my drive for maintaining a lifestyle rooted in health and well-balanced nutrition. I want my stories to capture my deep rooted visions, dreams and goals and the essence of what makes me, me, in a captivating, influential way.

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