Do People Know Your Story? Blog #6


The greatest challenges for my non-profit organization are sustainability and learning how to stand out.  

Sustainability and commitment to a Social Media Strategy

I believe Social Media is here to stay and is not simply a fad. It’s a new way to effectively communicate privately with members of an organization and also with the public at large. It’s a great way to engage a core group of individuals in online conversation.

The problem for smaller non-profit organizations like the one I am involved with is finding volunteers and responsible leadership willing to post, monitor and engage in various social media platform in a timely fashion. A major problem in small non-profit organization or n my case a church is the lack of expertise on how to properly leverage social media, understand analytics and have the time to do it! Having successful communication requires a commitment to ensure the efforts that are put into building a strategy I maintained and continue to grow. Blogger, Stephen Morrissey states, “much like creating a website, social media is a journey, not a destination”.



Learning How to Stand Out

The solution to the challenge of Learning How to Stand Out is taking the time and effort and research to know who our audience is and effectively building a personal brand by telling our story. Clearly identifying a Mission and Vision can be time-consuming but worth the effort when creating a personal (organization’s) brand. Communicating who we are and what we do and so that followers (online and in person) can be inspired is a challenge.   As David Bourgeois states, “the biggest challenge churches face today in their use of social media is the willingness to put in a real effort to understand their audience and align their social media usage to best meet the audience where they are.”








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