COM0014 – Blog 6 : Do people know your story

Blog 6 – Do people know your story?

What is the greatest challenge your business must overcome?

I work in a very young non for profit organization which just celebrated its 10th year anniversary. In any young organisation or business, the structure can change many times as well as the employee turnover rate. As my boss would say, until now they had often operated just as a start-up: in a fast pace, without much organization or structure around what they did. Within that structure  often lies the marketing/communications team, which often takes the toll of this disorganization, because it is the one team responsible of many important aspects of the business: web, social media, communications, public affairs and marketing.

At my place of work, they have just implemented a service request form to minimize the several last minute request the marketing and communications group receives for help with communications, collateral, social media and events. Like any new implementation, it takes time to get colleagues used to new protocol. Teams must now prepare this service request form which contains key information about their project in order to give the marketing and communications team a better idea of what kind of support they will need, the deadlines, etc. Slowly but surely, this new process will help the communications and marketing team be more organized, but in return, also help the organisation run more smoothly , as opposed to work reactively.


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