Personal Brand – Blog #5

What makes Kitchissippi United unique and sets us apart?

“Kitchi” what? – Our name and our Mission!

The word Kitchissippi is the First Nations’ Algonquin name for the Ottawa River meaning ‘Great River’.

Kitchissippi United Church is not like other traditional United churches. It is a unique creation of new faith community, founded by three former congregations; Kingsway, Northwestern, and Westboro in 2008. Kitchissippi United represents three emerging rivers of faith coming together to make a new “Great River”.  We are a unique open-minded, affirming faith community that gathers together to provide share resources with the local community, provide spiritual support, work at becoming better stewards of the earth and support Indigenous peoples through Right Relations.


Volunteer dedication and commitment to community Outreach is Kitchissippi United’s greatest asset!

One of KUCs’ greatest successes is their commitment and ongoing support to the success of the Carlington Arts Initiative. The CAI is a program established by Kitchissippi United Church to support the Carlington community through art and music.

Other notable community initiatives in partnership with KUC “Eco Christianity” include the creations of a beautiful green space in partnership with Ecology Ottawa called Depave Paradise. Together, with volunteers, an unsightly asphalt area was converted into beautiful alcove garden.  The Eco Christianity Circle is a group that supports learning and action focusing the relationship with all of Creation and how it informs our faith and our daily decisions about how we live our lives. The Circle also organizes annual events open to all, called “Rooted in Earth, Growing in Spirit” at Tucker House Environmental Centre in Rockland an has participated in the Great Canadian Shoreline Clean up.


Kitchissippi United Church is committed to building caring and respectful relationships between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. “Right Relations Circle members have actively supported several campaigns and initiatives including Project of Heart, the Kairos campaign working towards the full implementation of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples in Canada, and the work of the First Nations Family and Child Caring Society and Youth exchanges,

Once again, volunteer and staff dedication and commitment to ‘Outreach’ is Kitchissippi’s greatest remarkable and measurable asset.  Kitchissippi church is known as the church that provides great support to its community!  Aside from the programs mentioned above, there are MANY more local and Global Outreach programs and initiatives that this faith community support.

What do you do that you are most proud of?

Kichissippi congregation is very proud of the hard work and the success of the programs that are supported by dedicated volunteers and staff. They are also proud of the fact that while many churches are struggling to maintain members Kitchissippi is holding its own and thriving after 10 years of amalgamation of three rivers into one“Great River”.



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